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Home remedies to lose belly

Summer is approaching and both men and women care about losing weight and, especially, lower belly, to achieve flat abs we see on television. While it is not easy to have the abdomen of a model, we can get to look good and be satisfied with our physical. Therefore, we show you some options of home remedies for lower belly.
How to lose tummy?
One important thing that we have to take into account in order to motivate us to lose the belly is that not only help us to see better, but health is also at stake. The fat that accumulates in the abdomen is the most dangerous type of fat because it increases the risk of diabetes, heart problems, and even cancer. Read More »

Tips and advice for safe winter holiday

Come the winter holidays, in many cases ideal for getting the whole family in the car and take the path up to a beautiful place of recreation and rest time; but that dream trip can turn into a horror movie if you consider some basic tips. Here we will summarize for you and your family to go on the road and enjoy a happy journey. Read More »

Tips for a healthy this Christmas 2014

Discover health tips to enjoy the best healthy Christmas, with simple tricks that will help you this holiday season.

christmas-healthy tips The arrival of Christmas , expected by many and “hated” by many people also, marks the beginning of an era full of magic, of happiness, of joy and days of hope to share with our family, friends, and ultimately with beings that we love. Read More »