Changing the profile picture of your friends in WhatsApp

If you want to change the profile picture WhatsApp some friend of yours to spend a little joke,
you just need to keep reading. The face that he should be people be priceless.

It’s actually super easy to do. When you open the profile picture of any of your friends, it
automatically saves. These images are in a folder WhatsApp, so you can go see them, and replace
the one you like.

How to change profile picture of your friends on WhatsApp?

1. You need a file explorer to browse the photos on your phone. I recommend ES File Explorer
because it is the best I’ve had, no doubt.

2. Go to / device / sdcard / WhatsApp / Profile Pictures . There you will see all the profile
pictures you have stored. If you want some you do not have go to WhatsApp and open big profile
any picture you want to have. When you open full screen automatically saved to your phone.

3. In the folder of the profile pictures, choose the one you want, make a long press, then
pressing “Copy”. No matter where the hit, you need to copy is the name of the image before

4. Now, choose a photo you want to replace, to put it as a profile of one of your friends. The
size should be 640×640, the standard size of the application.

5. Move the new profile picture to the folder Profile Pictures WhatsApp and rename it to your
friend’s phone.

6. Now, when you go to WhatsApp click the name of your friend and click on his profile picture.
You will see that you have made.

Now you can teach a new picture to your friend and make him believe that they have hacked his
account or anything else that comes to mind. Thing 5 minutes is what it will take to do this to
see the face of the horror of friends, is priceless!