What are the misconceptions that exist in relation to Child Sexual Abuse?
In our society there are a number of myths that contribute to the invisibility of Child Sexual Abuse, fostering its emergence and maintenance. We will review some of them below:

“Sexual Abuse is only when a rape or penetration by the abuser / a case.”
False : The term Sexual Abuse as noted in the previous section involves a range of sexual behaviors that are performed with a child, within which is a violation, there a number of other forms of abuse, all considered them as Sexual Abuse.

“Child Sexual Abuse is rare or does not exist”
False : The Child Sexual Abuse is a form of child abuse highly prevalent in our society. However, the same fear of child victims to reveal the situation and the apprehensions of parents or caregivers to suspect an abusive situation, make the cases reported still constitute a small percentage compared to the total universe of cases affected by this problem, suspecting the existence of a large black figure of undetected cases of Sexual Abuse.

“The Sex Offender mentally ill”
False : The presumption that behind every offender / asexual there any psychiatric pathology to explain their abusive behavior is wrong. Most abusers / sex partners, although it has some kind of psychological disorder to the base, takes the abuse without any state of consciousness itself insanity of some psychiatric disorders, including showing a normal adaptation to other areas of your life.

“The Sexual Abuse are easy to spot”
False : The belief that a case of Sexual Abuse quickly detects erroneous. There are multiple reasons that hinder the identification of abuse, such as fear of the child to punishments, threats from the abuser / a to the child, the child’s belief that he will not believe or will blame what happened, and perhaps the most important is that as adults we are not prepared to deal with a situation like this, we do not see what we see, that must be a mistake which suspect, or the suspect are just exaggerating.

“Boys and girls usually lie when they say they are victims of any abuse”
False : The natural behavior of boys and girls is telling the truth when something affects them or they’re hurting, but the lie that may occur in other areas or situations in a child’s life corresponds more to fantasy . The probability that a child gets to draw up a situation like fantasy Sexual Abuse is very low, so when a child indicates to us that something has happened, it is likely that we are in a situation of actual abuse .

“Child Sexual Abuse occurs only when there is poverty”
False : The Child Sexual Abuse happens in all walks of life and all sociology-cultural strata. What happens is that more affluent classes tend to hide the situation further, leading to fewer complaints to public or private entities.

“Sexual Abuse is caused by the victim”
False : Any behavior that the child has been the victim of an abusive situation can be understood by the offender / a as a provocation, as a way to justify their own behavior. So after this belief is just an attempt to blame the victim for his own abusive behavior.

“Child Sexual Abuse occurs in solitary places and in the dark”
False : Most Sexual Abuse victims are children or whose children are committed by acquaintances, as already mentioned in the previous section, and this usually occurs in familiar spaces within their environment at any time of day.

“The Sexual Abuse involving children or adolescents or older”
False : The Sexual Abuse can affect boys and girls of various ages, the most vulnerable group of boys and girls under 12 years, finding cases of sexually abused boys and girls even in ranges of less than 2 years old.