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CIC, Making Canada Stronger Through Immigration

Many of us want to live in a peaceful place where we are far from chaos and danger. Many people are deciding to migrate and leave for the purpose of their own safety or to search for better opportunities.

I have a lot of friends who already migrated here. Some migrated because they are hoping to land a high paying job. Others wanted to have a better future by bringing their family along with them. Eventually, I also became interested and applied with the immigration right away. At first, deciding was both difficult and challenging to me. But realizing the opportunities and benefits this wonderful country has to offer, I didn’t hesitate to process my application. Besides, who doesn’t want a good life ahead?




Before coming to the country, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) required me to meet some of the essential qualifications.

First, I need to determine if I am eligible to migrate to this country.Now at 29, I am eligible to apply because I qualified for the age requirement, which is at least 18 years old. If you wish to take your children who are below 18, you must be ready with their required travel documentations either as a parent or guardian.

Having permanent residency is also required for citizenship. To hold a permanent resident status, you must live in the country for at least three years within the past four years prior to filing your application.

Second, I need to have good communication skills with regard to English and French languages.All immigrants experience the same difficulty of adjusting to the Canadian life. Everyone is aware that the lack of sufficient skills to speak the English or French language is the major factor that affects their successful integration into the society. CIC requires Canada immigrants to possess language skills to land a good job and be easily connected with the Canadian society.

Third, I must have no criminal record either in my country of origin, in Canada, or in other countries.The CIC subjects Canada’s immigrants who are under probation to waiting until the trial for the case is over. You cannot continue your application for citizenship if you have been convicted of any criminal offence under Canada’s Citizenship Act.

Fourth, as a citizen of this country, it is my duty to know my responsibilities and rights as a lawful citizen.Being naturally generous, Canadians are very mindful of their values, culture, people, and environment.

With the help of a Canadian immigration firm, I was able to complete all the necessary documents and requirements. They assisted me with all of my concerns. I advise you to consult one of their professional Canadian immigration lawyers or consultants. It will be an advantage, especially to most of us who are not knowledgeable and aware of the rules and regulations of CIC as Canada aims to build a stronger nation with the arrival of migrants from all over the world.

Becoming a citizen is something I truly appreciate. In fact, I realized that I am enjoying the country even more than my own country of origin! I have already made a lot of friends and acquaintances here. This has really become my home away from home.

Ricardo Colindres is a Canadian staffing and immigration expert. He writes about the countless reasons why Canada is an ideal place to work, study, immigrate, or have a vacation.

By Ricardo Colindres



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