Citizenship and Immigration in Canada: A Path to Success

mmigration plays a vital role in shaping and developing a country’s economy. It enhances the social fabric and contributes greatly to the growth of the labour market.

One of the most sought after destinations in the world is Canada. With its diversified culture, beautiful sceneries, economic stability, and excellent public service, it is not surprising that many aspire to migrate and be part of the country’s rich heritage.

The Number Says It All

Citizenship and immigration in Canadais an exciting opportunity for newcomers, as well as businesspersons. Aside from the high standards of living, tax and healthcare benefits, quality education, its democratic government ensures equal rights for settlers and immigrants. Additionally, Forbes describes Canada’s market as “affluent,” with an advanced industrial society, in the trillion dollar class. It has beaten other countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States. The ranking of business destinations has 11 criteria, which include technology, corruption, personal and financial freedom, stock performance, property rights, and taxes. Moreover, companies in the country are willing to devote time and effort to sponsor work visas for those who have executive-level advisory experience. Indeed, Canada is a great place to realize and make your dreams come true.

What Awaits Immigrants?

Despite the recent economic downturn, the country still welcomes thousands of immigrants every year. While newcomers benefit from the perks of living in the country of unparalleled beauty, it also gains advantage from immigrants. Having one of the best medical and social benefits, it is also home to the largest number of aging population in the world. By 2021, the country will only have two working Canadians for each retiree, a relatively low proportion compared to a previous ratio of 6:1. This reflects that more immigrants are needed to sustain its workforce and retain economic stability. Among the competitive advantage of doing business in the country are:                                                                                         

Economic stability – According to Dun and Bradstreet’s Global Risk Indicator, it is one of the safest countries for business investments. The country’s leading economy is managed by enterprising people who are equipped with business-friendly policies that nurture innovation and economic growth.

Highly skilled workforce – Many employers are actively seeking qualified workers. Thus, business leaders understand that “skilled” people drive success. A large talent pool of skilled workers abounds in Canada. In Ontario, 62 percent of the population has completed a post-secondary program, which enables employees to contribute and enhance company profits.

Industry expertise – Aside from being a world leader in medical devices, digital gaming, and agricultural food production, the country is also known for its cutting edge leadership in the industries of fibre optics, aerospace, and biopharmaceuticals.

Strategic location – The country is also known as the “crossroad” between the North American marketplace and the booming economies of Asia. Its highly developed infrastructure, airports, and highways offer cost benefits to businesses located in North America and Asia.

Who can miss a once in a lifetime opportunity of citizenship and immigration in Canada? Whether you plan to study or work in the country, you may start carving your path to success with the following professions:

Financial manager

Skilled tradesperson

College or vocational school teacher


Computer and information systems manager

University professor

Human resource specialist


Registered nurse

Retail manager

Ricardo Colindres is a Canadian staffing and immigration expert. He writes about the countless reasons why Canada is an ideal place to work, study, immigrate, or have a vacation.

By Ricardo Colindres