Cleaning and caring for your skin

Cleaning and caring for your skin
Looks fresh, radiant and healthy, giving your skin proper care through recommendations.

Cleaning and caring for your skin

There are different skin types, dry, oily, combination or normal; but even when they are grouped in this way, all without exception must be careful and properly cleaned to keep healthy.

Facial Cleansing …

Before and after makeup you clean and moisturize the skin if it is day, and moisturizers applied at night. During the day we lose water, and skin to stay hydrated, you must have some moisture. When we rest, the skin has greater power absorption and can give elements that help us to be firm and not flagged.

To clean your eyes, use specific cleansers, it is the most sensitive area of ​​the face and thus avoids irritations or allergies. Clean, preferably with a circular pads moistened cotton, eyelids down and then moving sideways with gentle movements to remove makeup.

Apply dots of cream if your skin is dry, if you use fat free oil or gel products work with clean water. Massage your face and neck with gentle circular movements. Remove with a damp washcloth.

Toning …

After cleansing your face, apply with a cotton pad a toner according to your skin in the form of pads, all over the face and neck.

Moisturizing …

Place dots of moisturizer and gentle massage performed until the product is absorbed. Then place points eye cream based on the lower eyelid and massage following the course of the bone. With cream massaged over the area of the upper eyelid.

Lips, works smoothly, particularly around the edge so that no corners are formed. At night repeat the procedure using nourishing creams or anti-aging, stimulating collagen and elastin.