Coming to Canada? Heed CIC's Advice to Canada Immigrants

Migrating to another country may be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face in your life. You’ll be dealing with a different culture, people, environment, and laws/rules. Adapting might be hard for you, at first. But, in the long run, everything will be fine.

In today’s economy, parents are forced to make difficult decisions about the future of their family. The number of people losing jobs, cutting back hours, working part-time or taking pay cuts, is rising. As more jobs are lost, unemployment benefits are an increasingly important source of income, especially for low-income families. Many decide to work in other countries to provide the family’s needs. Finding a job is also one of the first things you will do when you reside in Maple Country. It offers a lot of opportunities. Either you leave your family behind or bring them with you. It will take a long process to obtain a Canadian visa. But what do you need to be able to work in this beautiful country? According to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), there would be requirements for immigrants who want to apply for a job in Canada. First, you need to have English or French language skills.Language is the first barrier in applying for a job. There are studies conducted by the CIC on Canada jobs that show that most immigrants who are not able to speak Canadian major languages proficiently are having problems in getting hired. Though language requirement for the job for which you’ll be applying may be different, it is still important to possess language skills. You may undergo an assessment and take an international standardize language test given by the type of profession for which you’re applying. The CIC advises Canada’s arriving immigrants to make sure they are well prepared and have improved their language skills. There are several language trainings available on the Internet. You can sign up to study and enhance your language skills. Remember that good communication is one key to finding a good job in the country.
. Second, your foreign credentials must be assessed.There are situations wherein some employers do not recognize the educational background or work experience you have obtained from your home country or another country. You may need to go through a verification process to prove that you have obtained the same standard they’re looking of your education or work experience. Doing so may cost you some money, but it’ll be worth it to have your credentials recognized. Third, employers require having work experience. You might want to consider working in an alternative job or volunteering to gain experience. More importantly, CIC provides Canada immigrants with information on job offerings that aim to help them improve their quality of life, make them financially independent, and allow them to provide for their family’s basic needs. Start gathering and preparing your requirements and seek assistance in your migration plans. Have an expert assess your eligibility and qualifications and consult a trusted immigration firm today.
Ricardo Colindres is a Canadian staffing and immigration expert. He writes about the countless reasons why Canada is an ideal place to work, study, immigrate, or have a vacation.

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