Companies Hiring Veteran Employees, Veteran Skills, Training and More

Looking for a new job could certainly be draining, time-consuming and frustrating. No one is excused from this situation; even veterans have a hard time looking for companies that are hiring vets. There are a number of companies hiring veteran employees today though sometimes they are hard to find. That is why the government is offering their services to help veterans find companies that are hiring vets. Luckily, some companies are considerate enough to hiring vets first before announcing the position for the general public.



Jobs for Veterans

Before looking for a job, veterans should first know the kind of jobs they are must suitable to apply for. It could help them narrow down the different companies that are hiring veteran employees.


A lot of retired military personnel have a degree for engineering. That is the reason why a career as an Engineer is one of the most suitable positions for veterans. Veterans who have experiences in the field have a wide knowledge in maintaining various machines such as vehicles and computers. Marine engineers, for example, have exemplary tenacity when it comes to designing up to date marine vessels as well as creating and maintaining such vessels.

Executive Protection

For veterans who have the tactical skills, agility, strength and intellectual capability to protect and support high profiled individuals, then a job as an executive protection officer is highly recommended. A lot of high profiled individuals prefer hiring veteran employees to become their security officer since they have the traits necessary for the position. An executive protection officer’s job is undoubtedly stressful; that is why hiring vets who have enough experience on how to overcome such a situation is extremely important.

Air Officers

For aviation veterans, they can apply as airplane and helicopter pilots, or if they have experience as air traffic controllers, the better. Since most of these require specialized skills, it is one of the best choices for veterans. Though veterans still need to acquire licenses for this position. These are just some of the jobs that would surely opt to hiring veteran employees because of their wide experience in the field.

Veteran Help System

However, for those that do not have the skills to fly a plane, design a vessel or protect a high profiled individual because of disability, there are still a lot of jobs that are hiring vets. Here are some points to remember in order to find a job as a veteran: Veterans have the right to be employed like anyone else. There are government institutions that help veterans to find jobs suitable to their abilities. Veterans can join state funded programs that will allow them to gain skills that are useful for employment. These government-funded programs also help its students to look for companies that are hiring vets. Veterans who cannot work because of disability can opt for a compensation service, but surely, as a hero of the state; a veteran with a disability can surely find a way to look for a job that would fit him or her.

There are various jobs and skills that a veteran can acquire even after he or she was discharged. There are companies who prefer hiring veteran employees because of their specialized skills. Who said it would be hard hiring vets? Serving the country does not end in the field, veterans should be proud of their skills and achievements, and they can still help the country as employee in a private company or a boss in their own businesses.

By Harold F. Fuentes