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Control your body language in a job interview

Control your body language in a job interview
The body language in a job interview is something to keep in mind. All our movements are examined because they will express what our personality. Most importantly, try to project body language in a job interview feeling confident and calm. The trick is knowing how to guide our nerve impulses places Do not see our interviewer. In careertracing we show you how.

Body Language in a Job Interview

1 # When shaking hands

The first impact. The first meeting with the interviewer. It is a crucial point as many recruiters. When we do we hand firmly and without hesitation (but do not let the interviewer hands with grip). It is a key point in the job interview because it is the first impression. A weak handshake can be a symptom of insecurity and distrust, two aspects of anyone flees in a company.

2 # Do not look into the eyes

Shun people look can mean two things: nerves or the need to hide something. Any of these signs of body language in a job interview. Try to look at your partner’s eyes both when you are asking a question, as when you respond. This implies that you are talking about you and you have nothing to hide. Nor is it necessary to have fixed the look on your partner, but you can look away sometimes.

3 # Hair

This is a warning, especially for women. When we get nervous we tend to need to touch any part of our body as protection. Hair is something we very handy and it is natural for people. But it is a sign of nervousness. If you can not avoid touching your hair, the best option is that you take it collected. Tip: a good option is to take a clip in hand and transmit nerve impulses our this clip. We will bring tranquility and is much more discreet than touching your hair.

4 # The posture

Body language in a job interview implies not only our movements, but also our position. By nature, many people tend to be curved. This posture conveys negligence and carelessness. Instead, it is best to have your back against the backrest and legs uncrossed, and so we will be upright and straight. Displays only active attitude with good posture.

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5 # Entwine hands

Fiddling with your fingers, or as my grandmother says “to hell”. It is very common in people. Do you know what it transmitted? You’re protecting you and you’re not being an open person with the interviewer. Best for a job interview is to be with the hands on the table and even occasionally show the palm. This is a sign of transparency very necessary in any job.

6 # The face

Frowning, reliability, integrity in the face. They are part of the symptoms of nervousness. It is best to think you’re going to tell your friend your professional experience. So, will you show much more confident and also you get drop a smile during the interview, something much appreciated, especially in companies today where the good atmosphere and optimism are part of the skills that are sought in candidates in a selection process. Being nice will give you many points.

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