Coping With Unemployment and Beating It

Coping with unemployment whether as a fresh graduate or if one has lost their job can be a daunting task. Some tend to deal with it more positively than can be said of others who think of it as the end of the world. As bad as being jobless might be, there are certain things you can do to make the experience worthwhile instead of just sitting back and letting the stress and pressure get to you. Read on…

File for Unemployment Benefits

When you have lost your job and do not have an alternative source of funds, you will be glad to know that unemployment benefits will provide you with some of that much-needed cash. Whether it is to cater for your basic needs, pay bills or start an income-generating project by saving and probably partnering with someone, go ahead and apply for unemployment benefits immediately you lose your job. You won’t be charged anything for this money and all you need is just meet the qualification criteria.

Conduct an Online Job Search

Coping with unemployment will become easier if at least you make the effort of finding work. Doing this online is even better since you don’t have to spend any money for travelling and related expenses but just an Internet connection. Many businesses have been hosted online these days and you will soon find an opportunity you are suited for if you keep looking. In relation to this, what else can be beneficial to you is strengthening your skills in areas you are weak in. If you do this you’ll be qualified for more jobs than just in your area of specialty. Go ahead and prepare multiple resumes accordingly.

Scale back on your Expenses

There are some habits you need to do away with once you lose your job. You certainly can’t afford to spend unwisely since you don’t have a steady income source. Needless purchases and expensive foods, drinks and miscellaneous expenses such as cable and landline can be cut off. This is a temporary situation though, so don’t worry.

Go back to School

This is another great way of coping with unemployment given that you have lots of time on your hands. You can go back to school for vocational training, start a new course to help you switch your career or acquire additional skills to gain a competitive edge. The government provides many forms of educational loans and grants and you may opt for this.

Capitalize on your Assets

You should also consider selling some equipment or appliances that you can do without. Another creative way of coping with unemployment is by taking up one or more people in your house who will pay you a certain amount that will go a long way in meeting your financial needs. These should of course be people you can get along with.Get Accustomed to Interviews

Whenever you are called up for an interview and you fail, don’t feel dejected. In fact, take up as many of them as you possibly can and learn from the experience. Within no time, you will soon nail that job.



Sometimes you may need someone to hook you up with a job opportunity. This may be a family member or friend. Revive these connections and they can prove a great breakthrough.


Volunteering is another way of coping with unemployment. It may seem somewhat futile at the time but will be to your advantage in the long run. Go ahead and volunteer for one or more of the many causes out there.

Being unemployed can be the most difficult time of your life. That’s why was created – to make things a little easier. Whether you need to file for unemployment, need help with your job search, or need information on unemployment benefits, Unemployment Info Center is your one-stop unemployment resource!


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