Coping With Working Night Shifts

Working the graveyard shift

Some people dread the thought of working through the night. The idea of sleeping in the day and eating meals at odd times doesn’t appeal to them. After all, human beings are not nocturnal creatures. However, there are over four million people who work nights in the UK alone. While it’s not for everyone, there are ways to adjust to these hours and many people manage for years in these jobs.

If you are struggling to cope with night work, or you’re about to start working the graveyard shift, one of the most obvious ways to stay awake is by drinking coffee or tea. While it’s not recommended to drink constantly, a single cup can provide the right amount of pick-me-up to keep you going. It may be worth investing in a decent coffee maker, or a kettle. Have a cup before you begin your shift and this will perk you up temporarily.

Try to avoid having coffee when you get home from work. The last thing you want to do is make yourself more awake when you’re trying to sleep.

Sleep can also be an issue when it comes to working nights. As the sun is most likely up by the time you get to bed, some people may struggle to drift off in such bright light. Purchasing blackout blinds, or curtains, for the bedroom will help to keep it dark to make sleep easier. It may even be worth using ear plugs and an eye mask to block out as much light and sound as possible.


Keep yourself active

If you find that staying awake through the night is still quite difficult, many people recommend a bit of exercise. A quick burst of exercise to get the heart going will make you more alert. It could be anything from a brisk walk, to just some star jumps at home. This tactic is usually best for days when you’re not at work, but need to get into a late sleeping pattern.

If you’re at work and struggling to ward off the Sandman, try talking to colleagues. Sitting alone in the cafeteria will cause mental fatigue as your mind wanders off on its own. Talking to colleagues, even while on shift, will give a quick mental boost and keep your mind busy. You could even have a coffee break with colleagues and chat at the same time.

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By Andrew O’Gorman