Countries offering better opportunities

With the situations are living in many countries, there are many who choose to enhance their careers in countries offering better opportunities. But how to choose the country in which we can better develop and better opportunities we provide ?

The races with more boom or cost of services are some of the factors that have the greatest weight to the composition of the ranking of cities with better job opportunities.

1. Sao Paulo.

The Brazilian city has experienced significant growth of its economy in recent years, which has attracted many international companies. Engineers, computer scientists and architects are the most demanded professionals.

2. Mumbai (India)

not only has established itself as the financial centre of the country, but has attracted major firms for technology companies. Your continued growth favors the rich create jobs.

3. Paris.

The French capital is by its policy of non-discriminatory employment, one of the most attractive cities for job seekers excellence.

4. Seattle.

The numerous job offers, especially in the technology sector, and the balance between wages and rents, keep this city favourite of US to emigrate.

5. Tokyo

Although Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live, its large population makes it one of the most suitable for the job training for those with careers in technology or engineering.

6. Vancouver (Canada )

Vancouver (Canada ) is one of the cities with a very positive future for engineers, but also for agriculture or tourism. The country has a good program of places and well-paid jobs.

7. Singapore

Singapore enters the list for having become in recent years a favourite of many multinationals. And while home prices are somewhat high, the food is cheap.

8. London

London has historically been a favourite for their generous salaries, although life in it is not exactly cheap.

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A Shanghai (China) happens the same as Singapore and Mumbai, has become the field installation of many foreign technological and financial companies.

10. Sydney (Australia)

The last place is Sydney (Australia) . Considered one of the best cities to live while the service sector is very expensive.