Data Entry Jobs Are an Easy Way to Make Money

Many jobs are being created online for low level entry positions such as data entry, web research, translation etc.

The most popular amongst these part time jobs are perhaps data entry and data processing jobs. There are many reasons why data entry jobs are so popular. These jobs can be done by anyone and they require very little subject knowledge. For example, anyone who knows basic computing can do a data entry job. A lot of these opportunities are related to medicine, customer records or accounting. The job could be as simple as transferring data from one excel sheet to another, or finding data from the web and reporting it in an excel sheet. Sometimes, the client may provide you with all the data and require you to login to a particular site and populate the data.

So, why do companies outsource such easy tasks? The reasons are many, but very simple to understand. These jobs are so simple that a company may not want to hire a full time employee to do it. Also, these jobs are often temporary – a company may not always have such work available throughout the year. So, it’s often a better option for companies to hire an outsourced temporary employee online to do a job like this.

Who can do data entry and how much can one earn doing it? Anyone who has a working knowledge of the Internet can easily do any kind of data entry work. One can earn anywhere from $25 to $100 per day working from as little as 2 to 3 hours a day. Some part timers reportedly earn more than $1500 per month just by working 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. One might assume that it’s difficult to find such lucrative part time job options on the Internet. However, this is far from true. There are quite a few websites on the Internet that provide a centralized platform for prospective data entry job seekers and the companies. Most famous websites are and You just have to register on the site and follow some easy instructions to apply for the jobs. There are plenty of other smaller players in the market, but the above two are the most reliable options for a person who is just starting off.

Today’s economic conditions have forced people to take up multiple jobs to ensure financial prosperity for themselves and their family. However, this has led to less time being spent with family members, which inadvertently leads to misunderstandings and many other problems. Part time data entry jobs are turning out to be a boon for individuals who want to stay at home and earn considerable money. Furthermore they don’t compromise their personal time with friends and family.

How many hours you would want to work completely depends on your own interests. Most importantly, these jobs are easy to do, which means less stress whilst earning money.

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By Jim Sklansky