Decalogue to avoid making mistakes in the curriculum

Decalogue to avoid making mistakes in the curriculum
The current reality of the labor market, where companies are saturated resumes and candidates, not allowed to make any failure in finding a job. Right now, finding a job is difficult for everyone and the demands of enterprises are increasing. Given the above, it is important to write a good resume to make a good impression and be eligible to the desired position. So Monster, the premier global leader job offers various tips and advice to make an excellent presentation of the curriculum:

Structure the curriculum in a logical and orderly:

you must keep order in which different data are presented. The most important are the name and contact details, such as address, contact numbers, email address and, optionally, may include other not as relevant as marital status or number of DNI. Then explain clearly the training and work experience in chronological order from most recent to oldest. It is essential to include expertise in areas such as computer science, languages ??and other skills related to work. At the end of the curriculum, it is important to mention the availability and do not forget to include key data as virtues and added values ??that can bring to the company.

Taking care of the technical language in drafting the curriculum:

you should not use a refilled and inappropriate language. The use of overly technical terms can be confusing and bad impressions. It is important to consider that often the person who first evaluates curriculum belongs to the Human Resources department, a person who does not have to be too familiar with these terms. If you use acronyms or terms very specific, you can include a short explanation in parentheses.

Check spelling:

You need to also check spelling and syntactic writing. These errors show a clear lack of care, characteristic little appreciated by companies, which can be assumed to discard a candidate regardless of anything else.

Avoid fanciful and pretentious writing:

its use can make the curriculum is not credible and easily discarded anything else read it.

Do not include irrelevant information “fatten” our curriculum: sometimes, it is believed that the curriculum be better if much information is added. Actually, this can cause a completely opposite effect to what is expected. Such information can overwhelm and create a negative impression to those who read the resume. It is important to be honest and sincere. If you reach the interview process, you will need to account for these data against the coach.
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Eliminate outdated information:

you must modify and recycle resume with current and constantly refreshed information.

Beware extension:

it is important not to exceed the maximum recommended one or two page spread. If too long resume is submitted, it may bore or dislike the person who reads it.

Ensure quality at the presentation: the curriculum will be more attractive if a good quality paper in standard format is used. Of course, do not forget the print quality.

A photo is never over:

But neither is essential. Include a photo on our curriculum can give the coach a more complete vision about us, but if you do not feel comfortable including a photo, it is not required.

Other things to consider:

Do keep in mind the size of the font; This should not be too big or small, it is not advisable to recharge with bold, italic or underlined. It is best to present a clean, well structured, readable design (a good choice is to use fonts like Arial, easier to read) and refrain from colors and frills.
There are many ways to present a good resume and a matter of devoting time and attention to detail. Do not forget that the CV is designed for you to get an interview and did the job.