Dig Deeper To Discover The Secret Of Winning!

As you know everyone loves a winner and winning can definitely make you feel great. You may have read a lot about the secrets of winning and the strategies that winners use. Whether it is winning a physical challenge like a race or some sport or whether it is winning a game of intellect like rummy, there is no secret formula for winning.

The best formula for winning would be considered as follows:


  1. The right aptitude – 20%
  2. The right attitude – 20%
  3. Hard work – 35%
  4. Determination – 25%


As you can see this is just a simple formula that reflects on the main ingredients that make up a success. These are not the final analysis, only an assumption from study of the profile of many winners. In a game like rummy, winning is probably what motivates the player to strive to play more. Especially when Indian rummy games are played for cash, the motivation to win increases.

The key to winning in rummy as with many aspects of life can be effectively divided into two parts. The first part of this is knowing what your personality type is and second is picking out the strategy that fits in with your personality type.

Broadly speaking, gaming personalities or for that matter most personalities can be divided into the following categories:


    1. Aggressive and daring: This sort of personality faces any situation head on and likes to take risks. Which means the chances of winning high profits are equal to making big losses. This sort of person is into high risks and high rewards. The game strategy suitable for this type of personality would definitely have to aggressive but maybe with a little bit of caution at very risky moments.


    1. Positive but cautious: This type of personality will often work towards a goal with an optimistic attitude though with a realistic outlook. This person would like huge profits or rewards but would also like to have an exit door if things go wrong. The plan for this personality would be study the risks thoroughly before proceeding.


    1. Slow, steady and calculative: This personality would probably be more likely to have numerous, steady but really quiet victories. As this person delves into details and then proceeds with anything. The rummy winning strategy for this type of personality would be probably to start taking more calculated risks, increasing possibility of better returns.


  1. Pessimistic and good at planning: This sort of personality though good at planning will probably not have good results due to excess caution and negativity. To overcome this flaw and to capitalize on the inherent advantage of being good at laying out plans, the strategy for this type of personality would be to step forward, be assertive and start taking some risks.cards


To be successful at analyzing oneself, you need to make sure of the following:


  1. Be ruthless about studying yourself
  2. Talk to others who know you well to get their inputs
  3. Ensure that you are not modifying the analysis to match an ideal you hold high
  4. Put down points that are about you not what you want to be

By Hemakumar Vemula