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Do not speak of wages in the first interview


During a job interview there are some controversial issues. Including one of the most obvious is the issue of wages . While this is important, most people do not know how to talk about it.

It is true that salary, although not necessarily the most important one job, yes it is a decisive factor in making a decision . Therefore, at the prospect of getting a job, people often give sufficient importance to this aspect.

However, these cravings often trigger a series of errors. The most obvious is talk of salary hastily . Many people come to your first job interview and rush to address this issue. To an interviewer, this is a sign that the candidate really does not value the post itself, but the benefits they can derive from it.

Therefore, it is important for everyone to learn that during the first job interview should not speak of wages or vacation or permits. These issues are very important, but to reflect a better attitude is imperative that touched in subsequent interviews .

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