Does President Obama Have Job Burnout – He Certainly Wouldn't Be Alone According to Studies

Have you ever wondered why so many people have simply dropped out of the job market? You see, our unemployment rate (stated by BLS, questionable) of 7.8% is artificially low because it fails to count those who are out of work still but have run out of unemployment benefits, or those who’ve simply decided not to work, or are out of college and have yet to be employed so you can’t really call them unemployed. Now then, for those who are able bodied but don’t want to work anymore and are willing to just get by – why have they chosen that path forward? Well, because perhaps they are burned-out.

There was a troubling piece in the USA Today on October 24, 2012 titled; “Burnout Up Among US Employees,” by Sharon Jayson which noted a study that showed in 2003 US workers cared more about improving performance 25% than just being present 19%. Unfortunately, due to economic fatigue, stress, and worrying the numbers are now reversing; job performance improvement 15% to just being present 22%. Okay so, let’s talk about this shall we?

First, I’d like to state that it seems lately that Barack Obama seems a little detached in interviews, stressed, and just going through the passes; being present, perhaps also voting present, reading his teleprompter script. Is President Obama burned out too? He sure looks it, not that his job is easy by any means, well, it looks like he’s not alone by any means according to these surveys.

The USA Today article cited that people were upset that they had increased workloads, decreased benefits, no raises, and worried they might be laid off next. They didn’t feel in control of their work, career, or even their future, lots of uncertainty. Meanwhile, the larger corporations they work for have cited in the news lately (meeting of 200 CEOs concerned about the Federal Budget and Budget Cliff) their angst over issues of economic and regulatory uncertainty for not hiring more workers thus are sitting on billions of dollars in retained earnings.

Well, maybe we need some new blood in the White House, someone who has rolled up his sleeves and is excited at the prospects of turning our economy around and leading by example? Would that somebody be Mitt Romney, and will his leadership break this lethargic attitude and break down the barriers of uncertainty and burnout? Could be, and perhaps we might all find out. Indeed, I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.