Earn Money Via Mystery Shopping on a Regular Basis

The service named Mystery Shopping is where “mystery” shoppers go to various companies, disguised as normal shoppers and give in-depth assessments of what they experience. This can be done via written explanations or surveys.

This service of mystery shopping is used by many industries like hotels, retailers, producers, super stores, gas stations etc.

Being a mystery shopper isn’t as easy as it sounds; it has a lot of duties that you wouldn’t initially expect. These duties need certain skills and competencies to be done right. Any person gifted with a good sense of responsibility and unbiased judgment is perfect for mystery shopper jobs.

If you are a person who believes to have both of these qualities, then you should look for a job in mystery shopping. For this, you can go to a specialist agency, keep in mind that the authentic online employment agencies do not ask for registration fees or upfront fees. They offer training, and suggest ways to improve but they do it for free. They also lead you in the direction of various mystery shopper openings, and this is also done free of cost. A mystery shopping job can fulfill your financial needs but many people consider this job to be a source of extra money.

In order to apply for certain jobs you will need to go through a registration process. Recently this procedure has improved a lot. They have gone online too, so the forms can be easily filled out through the internet, in a very short period of time. Once you’re done with the form, you start getting updates about new mystery shopping jobs available. Many people apply for these jobs so you need to be alert about your updates, so someone else can whisk the job away.

It is good to build up a reputation of trust with the companies giving out assignments. At first you may be offered jobs that are “lowly” or not as well paid. This is to test your trustworthiness and level of performance. Once you have made it through this initial stage you will start being assigned high paying jobs.



Another important point is that make all of the instructions dead set in your mind. Don’t have doubts; get all the required tasks that need to be done straight. Also, focus on being precise, in many jobs; you may have to list down staff names, details, price ranges, etc. For this reason you need to be accurate, so that none of your data is invalid. Also, you need to be able to work within deadlines.

Being a mystery shopper can pay very well if you build up the right connections and get repeat work.

By Jim Sklansky