Earning Money Using Facebook One of the Best Ways Ever to Target Consumers

recently was visiting a forum and found a thread where the question was posed about earning money using Facebook. It was an interesting question and one that we felt led to explore further. It is interesting what we found.

In any form of marketing, getting the right message to the right consumer at the right time has always been the biggest challenge and where a great deal of time and effort is placed. You can have the greatest ad ever created, but if it is not viewed by the right demographic, it is a waste of money and effort.

Couple that with the fact that major advertising for many, many years had been reserved for major companies and advertising agencies that could afford TV ads, magazine ads, radio spots, and the like. The small to mid-size company simply did not have these mediums available to them.

The advent of the internet led to a change in that trend. In fact, it led (as we all know by now) to a huge change in the way society as a whole communicates now.

Even so, when advertising started to become more popular online, it was still ruled to a good degree by the skilled copyrighters and marketers of advertising houses. And even in those cases, they often needed to be paired with technical wizards in the area of HTML and site coding to be found.

Enter the Social Phenomenon

With the dawn of services such as blogs and social networking sites, the power of communication has shifted and become much more readily available to the common internet user and, indeed, those looking to advertise online.

With over 500 million users (and growing larger every day), Facebook is not only the largest social networking site, but recently surpassed Google as the most visited site on the internet. And the advantages that Facebook offers from an advertising standpoint are enormous compared to traditional marketing methods.

Surgically Targeted Demographics

As previously mentioned, companies have spent millions over the years on studies pertaining to demographics and have paid media companies millions on top of that making sure that their advertising message gets in front of the consumer that is most likely to purchase their product. All of these factors are present and available to be used by anyone looking to advertise and indeed earn money using Facebook.

There are options available to dial in your message from the most basic such as gender and age, to surgically targeted traits such as favorite hobbies, favorite teams, where they prefer to travel and much, much more.

Getting Directly in Front of Your Target Consumer

Using Facebook Fan pages, there has never been a more affordable and effective opportunity to get your company and its brand in front of your target consumer. In real time, you can post new product additions or announcements, short terms sales you are conducting, the limited run of a product, etc. All of which is posted immediately to your consumer’s wall, email, and/or phone.target consumer



Plus when you factor in the viral, word-of-mouth quality of social media, any product that you offer that is a big hit with your consumer has the potential to spread like wild fire as they share their thoughts and “Likes” with their friends and so on, and so on… well, you know how that goes.

By T W Barnes