Employment, training and entrepreneurship by Google

Employment, training and entrepreneurship by Google
Today, finding a job or undertake is essential to have knowledge of digital marketing. Both large companies and SMEs are already in the online world and need qualified personnel.

The project under the name Activate , which was launched last March, emerged to provide digital literacy and promote the employability of young people in Spain. The goal is to introduce students, graduates and entrepreneurs in managing 2.0 tools they can use to become more proficient in the workplace.

Through this project, you will find courses taught by industry professionals with very interesting content on employment, training and entrepreneurship to help you on your entry into the labor world. Digital Marketing, Development Apps, Analytics data, Ecommerce and Cloud Computing are the five free courses online and face that will add to your experience, expertise in marketing and digital tools.

Digital Marketing Course .

It consists of 14 modules and the goal is to teach the essential aspects for understanding the operation of the digital business, from strategy, planning and the tools available. You will learn in a week content on foundations of technology and digital world, SEO, SEM, E-commerce, social media marketing and mobile devices, web analytics, entrepreneurship, how to make a business plan, strategies to find work or how to write a good resume. The operation of tools like Google Analytics (free service statistics websites), Google Adwords (for planning advertising campaigns) or Google Trends (showing the most searched words), including non-Google is taught. This course is the only one that is also on modality, specifically in 23 Spanish universities.

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Online Course Development Apps .

The basic skills and concepts you learn to create applications for mobile devices. Focus While designing and programming from the start is one of the objectives. “Used for entrepreneurs to see if your idea is viable, to know technical aspects of development and what platforms with more boom in the market to sell them (IOS, Android, etc) are,” says Ruben Fuentes, professor of the Faculty of Informatics, University Complutense and teaching in this course.

Online Course in Analytical Data .

You will learn to interpret and analyze data traffic to your website. Discover what content is the most visited, what is the average number of visits per page and how to design a new business plan.

Online course in E-Commerce .

The key of this course is to transform a traditional business into one line or launch a Web site itself. “We teach how to get better results with less investment and how to make a product work in the market. From Google, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook can look for trends, customers or suppliers, “notes Sixto Arias, Business School professor and teacher in this course. “Examples like Airbnb, Uber or Spotify are here to stay; is a transformation of the structure of business, “he added.

Online Course in Cloud Computing .

The goal is to learn the different ways to access personal or corporate information from any device and safely. “We teach to make good use of cloud services to prevent leakage of information. Until now prevailing philosophy to keep the information at home and now extends the use of new faster and secure external resources, “says Ignacio Carrasco, general secretary of EuroCloud Spain and professor of this course. Another point is the dematerialization of the sales process. “Prior to purchase travel was necessary to go to a travel agent and get a physical card. Now through different platforms all works with digital codes. “