Eye makeup for job interview

eye makeup
eye makeup

Eye makeup for job interview
We all know the importance of a good image when going to a job interview, but do you ever stopped to think about the influence of your eyes? Many give priority to their wardrobe or hairstyle used, unaware that makeup, especially if you focus on your eyes, your points will go up-and-esteem in a trice.

Remember, the main thing is that it is in a natural but elegant . He prefers classic colors to suit any skin tone or situation. A complete no-no? Smokey, cat eyes and bright colors! We tell you how to do it in simple steps.

  • Once your foundation and concealer list, apply a pre base or close eyes on the eyelids. This will help the makeup adhere to throughout the day.
  • Start with a neutral shadow on the eyelid. Tones as bone, beige and champagne to serve as a basis and give light to your eyes.
  • Dale depth to your look. Quiet, do not have to be an expert! Just a shade coffee in the outer corner of the eye , even better if you apply it from there to the fold, forming a “V”.
  • Draw a line on the upper eyelids using a black eyeliner . In this most basic makeup, it is essential that the line is stuck thin as possible to the eyelashes. Nothing “rabitos” or thick delineated.
  • Now, with a little black shadow or dark brown , gently passing the gun through the lower lashes. You perfilarás your eyes without overdoing it.
  • Curl your lashes and pásale two to three coats of black mascara . The exception? If you’re blonde or redhead, use a mascara coffee.
  • Do not forget your eyebrows! They are perhaps the most important part of your face.
  • Finally: give life to your look. With a shadow iridescent white , put a dot on the inner corners of the eyes. You will look more awake!

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