Facebook created half a million jobs in Latin America


Facebook created half a million jobs in Latin America

Many complain of lost productivity representing social networks, but Facebook says the use of its platform in Latin America helped create more than half a million jobs and generated an economic impact billionaire.

A Deloitte report commissioned by Facebook, said the marketing arsenal social network offering the possibility of businesses publish a page and use it to make applications for collections and add users in the region produced an economic effect of $ s21.000 million. Globally, this figure climbed to $ s227.000 million, according to the study.

The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg also promoted the creation of 570,000 jobs in Latin America-from 4.54 million at a global level for the twelve months ending October 2014.

“What we show is that the platform has an impact far beyond simply connecting friends,” said Alexandre Hohagen, vice president for Latin America of the company.

To make the calculation, the study also measured the impact of Facebook in internet connectivity, did not consider the economic activity of the company.

Businesses use Facebook in the region primarily as a marketing tool. The impact on that line was $ s15.000 million in the months studied, according to the report.

With $ s8.400 million, Brazil is the second country with the greatest impact on marketing behind the United States. The largest economy in the region is also the largest market in Latin America Facebook with 91 million monthly active users. Mexico follows with 54 million.


Facebook says it connects more than 1,350 million people

“In Latin America companies are very smart platform to build their businesses,” Hohagen said.

He cited the case of Mega Lanches, a small sandwich shop in the Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro, which doubled its sales in a year after creating a Facebook page and now receives 70% of its orders in this way.

In terms of connectivity, the company would have an impact of USD $ 5000 million in the region because the study intends to connect to Facebook is a factor in the purchase of new devices and data access agreements.

To reach that figure, Deloitte estimated that Facebook can be attributed to 16% of the value of mobile devices purchased in the period.

In the region, the impact is lower in areas such as digital applications where Latin America started in last place with US $ 1,000 million compared to the $ global s29.000 million.

“It’s a reflection of reality, investments and companies we have in Latin America,” Hohagen said.