Facebook Is Making App Marketing Easy

How are you acquiring app installs for your app? When asked the same question most candidates answer was simply: Facebook…

With that in mind, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends in Facebook Ad Units. This is especially important when looking at Facebook’s history of change. Which for a marketer is far too often. In this case, we’ve got exciting news for you:

Streamlining Mobile App ad units

Facebook have announced their decision to streamline its mobile app install ad units to allow advertisers to more easily build ads in a matter of a few clicks. Marketers can now build and install ad by punching in their sales copy and providing a link to their app on the App Store or Google Play. The new process is supposed to make it easier for app developers to push out their ads by eliminating unnecessary steps of having to register mobile applications with Facebook.

All in all, this is a great development for marketers, particularly the smaller ones who use the self-service ads regularly. Moving forward, Facebook seems to have taken a leaf out of Google AdWords book of tricks in making it easier for small players and developers who may be interested in dipping their toe in the water with a smaller initial spend on ad units before investing more heavily.

In our company, we’re huge fans of the Facebook mobile app install ad. Having seen the results that some of these ad units can deliver has really ramped up our interest. My personal opinion is that Facebook mobile app install unit provides a fantastic way for app marketers to efficiently reach the highly targeted Facebook audience of over 750 million smartphone users.

Best Implementation Practices

So far, the great results we have seen from it have come from consistently testing, measuring and tweaking the ads to enhance their effectiveness. App marketers will notice a significant increase in downloads from an aggressive approach to monitoring and optimising the ads over time.facebook app

Great work Facebook, for making our life easier and helping app developers around the world achieve their goals faster. The new and improved mobile app install ad process seems to be a smart, forward-moving approach by Facebook to increase its appeal to app developers of every size. If you’re an app developer and you haven’t yet tried the unit, now is the time to give it a jam.

By Logan T Merrick