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Job Description and Resume:

Job Summary:

Select Sires Canada Inc is looking for an innovative, determined and detail-oriented agricultural communicator to join our group as an advertising and marketing supervisor. This role relies heavily on experience in advertising, public relations, publicity and marketing, and the site’s social media capabilities, as well as implementing a new forward strategy to advertise our products, solutions, and business.
Editorial content as well as specialized skills in digital photography of livestock dairy products are required for placement and expertise in both required. If you are interested in the international AI industry and also passionate about dairy farming, this is a great chance to be part of an energetic team. Farms in Canada are looking for foreign workers.

Position overview includes:

Combine specialized digital photography and editorial skills with creative advertising as well as social media administration to develop as well as improve advertising campaigns and company social media visibility and visibility. Includes communication with new and existing customers, sales representatives, promotion of brand-focused interactive and engaging content, and increased chances of making a profit. Farms in Canada are looking for foreign workers.

Works with Canadian and international staff and clients to create innovative marketing campaigns using unique photographic and editorial content.


  • Creates a unique professional photographic product to represent manufacturers as well as products used by the company and researches where to find and produce this product.
  • Create with skill and also place front pages to advertise a wide variety of products, services and companies, Farms in Canada looking for foreign workers.
  • Develops advertising and social media projects and strategies, including budget planning, web content ideas, and execution procedures.
  • Ensures some brand name consistency across advertising and marketing and social networking site messaging by working with multiple members of the business department including advertising and marketing, product growth, and brand management.
  • Offers training and guidance to social networks and advertising and marketing personnel on social networking sites by applying ideal practices and methods.
  • Working with existing team members as well as sales representatives to promote products, services, and the company
  • Expands and also expands the presence of business social media sites on new social media platforms as well as increasing visibility on existing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Creates and also distributes generated or visual content in the form of e-newsletters or social media posts “Farms in Canada looking for foreign workers”.


  • Photo and video opportunities, especially in the agricultural sector, accurately and positively represent cattle and products.
  • Editorial Skills – Proven work experience and profile of published articles related to the dairy sector.
  • Strong verbal as well as written communication skills integrated with excellent networking abilities around the world.
  • Proven experience in the dairy industry on an international scale
  • Genuine experience of well-known producers in the field of agriculture, as well as a high degree of understanding of genomics, evidence, and analysis of related information.
  • Advertising experience in strengthening and developing social networking systems, as well as advertising campaigns, Farms in Canada are looking for foreign workers.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook) is vital, and knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom) is a plus.
Company overview includes:

Six farmer-owned and operated cooperatives make up Select Sires Inc. It provides a very large amount of seminal fluid, as well as high quality programs and services to achieve its main goal of providing farm dog breeders with the best genetics from America at an affordable price. Farms in Canada are looking for foreign workers.

Farms in Canada looking for foreign workers
Farms in Canada looking for foreign workers

Our values

  • Responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Excellent value for money and quality
  • Development of a product or service in an industry
  • Dedication to a science project
  • Excellent resource management
  • Permanent renovation
  • Integrity in everything we do

Work details:
Job Title: Farms in Canada looking for foreign workers
Company name: Select Sires Canada
Position: Content Marketing Manager
Country: Canada
Experience: 1 year will be higher |
Qualification: Graduate School || Not required
Email ID: [email protected]
Age limit 18 years and older*

Salary: 3000 to 3500 Canadian dollars per year per month
Opening hours: 8 hours
Work remotely: no

Job type: Full time
Job Location: Kemptville, Ontario, Canada K0G 1J0

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