Foods with fiber are five major groups of foods that contain fiber. We highlight some of the most important. · Legumes. Are those that provide a greater amount of fiber. Cereals We provide a very interesting fiber volume. · Fruits. They retain all the fiber even dry or canned develop. If the lost in the case of juice. · vegetables and tubers. They have a lot of fiber which makes them low in calories. · oleaginous Nuts. They are a great source of fiber and minerals. Molecules un assimilated to the fiber could be defined as a loofah that runs throughout the intestinal tract to be eliminated through the stool. This is a series of molecules that the digestive system can not absorb. This material indoor hygiene is essential to prevent, for example, as frequent constipation problem. If we take fiber in our diet have an important ally to regulate and slow the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. The fiber helps to preventing and alleviating various diseases of the intestinal tract, including cancer. It is also a key to try to prevent or possibly treat item, diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease that can arise from excess cholesterol and triglycerides. Formation of gases fiber for absorptive capacity, it may also retain minerals and reduce its absorption in the case we are drawing excess of these substances. The substances that make up the fiber, from being unable to digest and absorb in the intestine, can fermented by intestinal bacteria. The result is the formation of gases. We can avoid this problem if we avoid constipation. This is to ensure that the stool is not long in the intestine. Every day is advised to take a minimum of 30 grams of fiber. This amount can be overcome according to exist need regular bowel movements. It is helpful to eat foods rich in fiber in each of the meals. Seven days with light meals and nutritious diet for sensitive stomachs for all and especially for people who have sensitive stomachs is essential that food reaches well shredded the digestive system . Let’s review a diet that will help us take care of our stomach. Let’s say, first, that if a food repeats, is a clear sign that not digested well. When digestion is slow will need to remember and practice light and nutritious diets that were traditionally prepared for the sick. The white meat of poultry and rabbit, and fish, are highly desirable oil dressing calories contribute to the menu. In the case of developing heartburn must resort to a diet made ??with boiled foods. Let us not forget that cooking on the grill can irritate the stomach lining. A very low fat diet is recommended when there liver problems. This will make sure the liver has less work. In order not to stop taking raw foods we can resort to the consumption of juices and smoothies. For dessert, fresh pineapple is an excellent digestive. And to avoid gas production at our disposal an infusion of cumin. First day Lunch Soup pasta with defatted broth boiled Fish Curd Dinner Boiled potatoes and vegetables to the chicken roasting pan roast apple Second Day Lunch Boiled rice, seasoned with oil virgin olive white fish with steamed carrots, bay leaf and thyme Quince Dinner Boiled meat with potato, carrot and zucchini fresh cheese Third Day Brunch carrot and apple smoothie white fish with potatoes cooked apple and pear Dinner Boiled zucchini, carrot, and Jewish green corn boiled prawns with a piece of mozzarella Fourth Day Brunch boiled peas with potatoes fillets grilled turkey roast apple Dinner Rice with roasted eggplant and onion Steamed fish Raisins Fifth Day Brunch rice and onion soup with herbs Rabbit Natural Pineapple Dinner Smoothie carrot, pear and mango Boiled fish with potatoes and onions Yogurt Sixth Day Brunch Broth Steamed fish with potatoes Fresh pineapple Dinner Apple Toasted bread with olive oil and turkey breast fillets curd A Seventh Day Brunch peas Rice with Fish accompanied by roasted eggplant type bifidus yogurt Dinner Boiled zucchini, carrot and potato toast with turkey ham Infusion cumin.