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Find a Job

Finding Work in America

There are many places to find work in America, and you can get in touch with many of them before arriving. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful.

Newspapers and magazines:

You’ll find jobs in the classified section of newspapers (often in Sunday), weekly and monthly magazines, and specialized trade publications. If you want a high-level working nationally, it is best to look in the Saturday edition of newspapers like the New York Times ( ) or the Washington Post ( ). If you want a more standard work you can try in local newspapers, which also tend to post jobs.


Internet in recent years has become one of the most important tools for a job in the US. Online applications are the preferred way to find employment for young people and graduates. Most job sites allow you to do custom searches you can specify from the industry to the area where you want to work. You can also post your resume on many websites for companies seeking specific profile can contact you.

The list of job portals is infinite, but the most important In recent years the high cost of ads on these portals has entered into competition with free sites like Craigs List ( ), where more and more deals are posted.

Public Employment Centres:

There are about 2,000 Public Employment Centres across America that are managed by the US Employment Service and offer full database of job information, free advice, training and other support. Unfortunately, many of the jobs that have these centers are for unskilled workers. Companies seeking executives prefer to put their own ads or hire a scout. You can find the address of the nearest center in the yellow pages.

Human Resources Consulting and scouts:

Private employment consultants play a very important role in the American market, especially for executives and senior posts (it is said that 70% of senior executives are hired through headhunters). Most of these consultants specialize in a certain type of profile or in certain sectors and charge a fee to the company that often include a variable compensation for recruiting. Some consultants charge to candidates, although these are often companies of dubious reliability offered few guarantees. Before paying anything to a consulting job, make sure you understand what you get in return and find out if the consultant has permits in order. In general, we recommend that you do not pay anything, since only charge consulting companies.

Employment Agencies:

Some agencies make money by hiring workers then “rented” to companies, usually as temporary. Employment agencies are often left with between 10 and 20% of your salary. In this situation, we recommend you do not pay any additional fee.

Job fairs:

A good way to get an idea of the American labor market is going to a job fair. Fairs usually bring many companies in a given sector. Some require you to send your resume by advance for companies to look at them and decide who they want to interview. Besides getting information about different companies, it is often possible to arrange interviews in advance. There is usually enough job fairs on college campuses, but find out first if there is to be a student to attend.

Speculative applications:

If you are interested in working for a particular company, you can send a polling request. They usually do a lot in the US and worth a try. Personnel departments filed these applications and if a position arises, are reviewed before publishing an advertisement or hire an agency.

Applications in person:

In some cases (especially for unskilled work), you can go to the company and introduce two things can happen: (a) they throw you immediately or (b) you like your initiative and stay with your data for future vacancies.

Chambers of Commerce:

You can also contact the Chamber of Commerce of your country in the US. Chambers of commerce often receive job offers from companies that want to hire someone from your country, and some have even databases of vacancies. Some chambers of commerce also have a list of companies in your country with US business, and how are you often need expatriates offices in the US, may be worth you send a probe request.


Having contacts is the most effective method to find work. We advise you to take every contact you have, as friends, colleagues, classmates, and even your home. Sometimes even mere acquaintances can help. Persistence and confidence are vital ingredients for an effective job search.

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