Five tips for women seeking to resume their careers

These are the 5 tips that Mathew gives women wishing to rejoin the workforce, through the portal of Fortune.

1. Decide what you want to do. Our interests change or modify while we are away from work. Cohen recommends evaluating what their interests and abilities at this time. Often, universities offer vocational assessments to guide you.

2. Regain contact with people from the past. No matter who do not remember you. “Chances are that if you remember them, they also remember him,” said Mathew.

3. Use social networks to investigate potential employers. Most companies have a presence on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. But do not limit yourself to investigate. “Be sure to mention that search in the interview, so that companies understand that is current on the use of social media,” suggests Mathew.

4. Upgrade. If you are in a technical field, this could mean you have to take refresher courses, but it could be as simple as keeping abreast of the news in your sector. Help reading publications guild and talk to former colleagues about what has changed.

5. Suggest a similar internship contract. Some companies may be reluctant to hire her if there is a major gap in the curriculum. You can propose a like practices or social service, where he works on a specific project or for a predetermined period of time agreement. Thus, an employer may “put on trial” without engaging in the game.