It is essential to clarify doubts as to adequate food in case of diabetics, since nutrition is essential in this disease. Medication alone is not enough: it must be accompanied by proper nutrition for optimal results Food provides energy, which is measured in calories, and these come from protein, fat and carbohydrates. Vitamins and minerals do not provide calories but are also important. Proteins help build and strengthen the muscles fabric are found in meat, cheese, milk, egg, nuts, etc. The fats are of two types: The saturated : are of animal origin such as butter, lard, butter, fat meats etc. The unsaturated. as vegetable oil is important to know that saturated fats are those that accumulate in the arteries obstructing traffic, why is prefer unsaturated fats. Diabetics should consume sugar compounds such as legumes, grains, cereals, rice, bread, wheat pasta, etc. Since as mentioned above are absorbed more slowly part fiber of certain carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and grains. Also found in whole foods (cereals, rice, pasta etc.). Advice is necessary to limit the consumption of simple sugars how soft drinks, sweets, jams, honeys and jams and avoid consuming too much salt especially if you suffer from hypertension. Avoid consuming “snacks” before bed, if consumed to avoid hypoglycemic nighttime low sugar. Keep constant mealtimes and dietary composition. You should consume complex carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, bread, but in quantities and schedules prescribed by a nutritionist. Being must increase the intake of fiber, fruit with skin, whole grains and vegetables also include eight glasses of plain water a day. They can be used non-nutritive sweeteners, since this does not limit the flavor, care calorie intake and prevent problems of hyperglycemia. It can consume sweets and other foods for diabetics which the sweetened with fructose, but eye that NO means so light excess weight and can cause diarrhea. Starches: yes thanks Starches are bread, grains, cereals, pasta and starchy vegetables. Take starches at each meal. Before, people were advised not to eat a lot of starch, but this has changed. Starches are good for everyone, including diabetics. Starches provide your body energy, vitamins and minerals and fiber. Comprehensive starches are healthier because they contain more vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fiber helps to regulate bowel movements. The healthiest way to buy, cook and eat starches is to buy grain and bread, eat less fried starches and fats, such as potato and tortilla chips, cakes or cookies. Take yogurt with little or no fat or light mayonnaise to accompany baked potatoes, on sandwiches, put mustard instead of mayonnaise on bread or toast, use substitutes with little or no fat, use olive oil instead of butter or margarine. The cereal with skim or 1% milk. And yogurt, cheese sauces should be no sugar or fat. Controlling sugar can control their blood sugar and diabetes with a healthy diet, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. A healthy weight also contributes to the control of body fat and reduce blood pressure.