Food is crucial to care for and preserve the skin. The condition of the skin tissue influences our health, both physical and mental. Warn about the changes that can occur on the body and the lack of adequate nutrients in the diet that we do.
The skin consists of two layers, the dermis and the epidermis. Get the nutrients it needs through blood. For their good requires especially proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, C and B, and carotenes. Aging A low protein facilitates skin aging and skin fragility diet. Numerous proteins that are required. We emphasize mainly keratin. It is a fibrous protein with a high sulfur content. Mediterranean Skin The unsaturated fatty acids are directly responsible for the integrity of the structures of the skin, maintaining its thickness and hydration, as well as metabolism. Note that the consumption of olive oil is one of the root causes of the condition of the skin of the inhabitants of Mediterranean countries. Virgin olive oil is also helpful in cases of skin allergies. It is very important the contribution of fatty acids of the omega-6 family. They are found in foods such as avocados, olives, legumes, whole grains, wheat germ and evening primrose oil. Vitamins Vitamin A is essential to the fight against skin infections. Prevents tissues “crack” and maintains a barrier role to hinder the entry of infectious microorganisms. We find it in the white and blue fish. The skin tone thanks to the presence of carotenoids skin tones achieved dyes yellow, green and orange. Part of carotenes taken with food is transformed into vitamin A and some is stored under the skin. It also protects the skin tissue. Take carrots, tropical fruits and spring or pollen are excellent ways to combat skin impurities. The Water of Life Without sweating, our body evaporates each day between 300 and 600 cc through skin. It becomes necessary, therefore a permanent hydration. This moisture will only be achieved if sufficient water and oil is consumed. A half liter daily minimum water consumption is essential in our body. Vitamin C Over the years a diminution of the elasticity of the skin and wrinkles increase occurs. A good way against aging is the daily consumption of fruits and salads that make our vitamin C essential for the formation of collagen. This vitamin also has great antioxidant role as protector of all cells. Dry skin Lack of vitamin B makes the occurrence of problems such dematitis, dryness or bad skin regeneration. The vitamin can be achieved through the consumption of cereals integrals. These, along with yeast, wheat germ, legumes, meat, fish, eggs and milk provide a diet that will be of great help to our skin.

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