Free calls over the Internet

“Hello, how are you? My name is bilal. Today we’re going to teach you how to use Skype on your computer to make telephone calls over the Internet. “

The computer should not be more than 3 or 4 years old.

Lomeli is Technology Advisor and says, “First Skype is independent of platform or operating system of your computer. Only you will need a fairly new or recent computer, a fast Internet connection bandwidth, a speaker and a microphone. And if you want a webcam for your computer. ”

Skype works with both Mac and PC.

“Let’s go to There are going to select ‘download now’ or as known in English, the “download button.” Skype will now recognize that operating system you have on your computer. If you run a PC or Mac. Your computer will open a dialogue and there on that screen will give the option to run the application from there or save it. We will select save this file, will open another screen in there which you’ll select to save this new program … will select the “desktop” please. Since the application is low we will go to “desktop” and we will see a new icon to be called ‘Skype Set Up’ is a blue box. We are going to double-click. Whether you make your choice we will be able to choose which language we want to run the application. Skype will ask you read the terms of use for its implementation. “,” Bilal said.

Choose a nickname, alias, or a secret password.
If for some reason you forget your username or password, this will be sent via email.

“He’s going to a screen to create a new Skype account. There you will get your full name, username, and password. As he read, select that, it will put a check mark in the house and will choose to continue or ‘next,’ “adds Bilal.

The public may have access to any information that is incorporated into your profile, including your email address.

“From there they will ask you to email, a country and a city. E choreo is very important. If at any time you will forget the password, the only way you will be able to prescribe that information. Skype will open a new sale is a guide on how to set up and ensure that everything on your computer are running well. Let your speakers are properly connected, the volume is on and the microphone is connected. Since then all steps will move forward, “continued Bilal.

The selected status to “Skype Me” invites anyone who contacts you and see your profile

“The setting status to” Skype Me “invites anyone to contact you with you and see your profile. Well, they opened the Skype application and the first thing you will notice is that you select Immediately Skype is ‘available’ so that people can talk to him. Something special about Skype is the option of selecting ‘Skype Me.’ What it means is that you are inviting the public and to the world, or anyone else on Skype, which you call. ‘Skype Me’ is not recommended for people who have children or children in the house, “suggests bilal.

“Before you make a call, it is important to make a test call and is very censillo. It will go up on the menu and it will call within that menu selection. You will see the option to make a test call and what that will do is call the Skype server and will verify that everything is working fine. You will hear an operator on the other side and you will also be asked to record your voice. That is going to tell if your microphone is a good distance, if you speak too low, and needs to make some changes before you make your first call. ”

You can find people by their email address, Skype name, your real name and surname.

“Let’s start with looking for our first friend. We will select the Skype button Will open a new screen within that screen we will be able to put the following “Find.” The full name of a friend about us, perhaps the username of someone, or we can look up by city, by country and even by age. Skype is free when the person you call also has Skype. To make a free call on Skype, all you will need is to get the username of the person you are going to call and select the button with a phone below to start your call. And you finish your call, select the red button to close the section, “bilal said.

“You can also make calls to phones and mobiles anywhere in the world. All you need to do is open an account with Skype and a credit card associated with that account and you can make calls for less than two cents per minute. Who does not fear the technology is there to help and in many cases even for free, “said Bilal.