Even with all the problems it has caused in its rugged premiere, iOS 8 is a really complete operating system and anyone with an iPhone knows that it is possible to sharpen many of its functions and that Apple does not always have everything offered the device, given its traditional lack of user guides.

That is why many functions remain hidden from obvious view of the user but may offer new
features and useful tricks for getting devices Cupertino company. Let’s review some of the most
– Hide Photo Gallery
You may have photos in the gallery do not want to be seen. You may hide the views Moments,
Collections and years, while remaining visible if someone comes into albums. Just hold your
finger down on the picture when we screen and the option to hide it appears.
– Mute posts
The iPhone from iOS 6, have, iMessage, unified messaging system that works similar to WhatsApp,
ie by flash and no SMS messaging. This also sorts the messages by conversation but if we have a
particularly heavy contact can mute notifications of texts. Simply choose “Do Not Disturb” in
the “Details” tab of a conversation and they will not reappear or until you deactivate reported
for that contact.
– Manage messages
Another thing you can do in iOS 8 is choose several messages you have sent us a contact to
delete them all at once or forward. Simply select by tapping and the possibility appears.
– Credit Card Scanner
Although Apple Pay is not available in iOS 8 seem to be in iOS 8.1, if we can and scan our
credit cards. If you are making an online purchase and enter the field you need to get the
number of our credit card option “Scan Card” on the keyboard will appear in the same place as
the suggestions of the keyboard. Clicking on it opens the camera with a picture fill all fields
after payment.
– Mode “night”
In iOS 8 default, the background is white in most applications but can change it to black
thanks to the accessibility features. In the General menu> Accessibility activate the Grayscale
mode and the whole system will change to black and white tones. Actually this is a function for
those who have vision problems.
– Interactive Notifications
One of the best features that have iOS 8 is that now, since the notifications from some
applications it is possible to interact with them without unlocking the phone. For example, you
can reply to a message or an email from the notification itself.
– Card Medical Information
For those who have an allergy or staff regarding your specific health condition. Health The new
application allows complete a health card that anyone can access a locked phone from just below
the number keypad to enter the unlock PIN.
– Selfies delay
No, we are not referring to the “delay”, but it is possible now to make a selfie established a
few seconds for the jump and give us time to put us all well in the picture. Can be set between
3 and 10 seconds to activate only need to enter the camera application, select the clock icon
that appears in the upper left corner and set the time. Obviously, this is also true for normal
– Change the default keyboard
You can now get off keyboards third parties. Those who are active as well as different
languages, are activated while writing clicking the icon of the globe there next to the space
key, but if you want that way we like it appears first, simply enter Settings > General>
Keyboard> Keyboard and we can edit the order in which they appear.
– Recover deleted photos
You may accidentally delete a photo. In iOS 8 is possible to recover up to 30 days after you
have deleted if we enter the album “Recently Deleted”.
– Notifications response emails
Sometimes it is necessary to know if anyone has replied to an email that we have sent but we
can not be at our account every minute. Simply, we have sent that email, slid the screen left
and choose More> Notify so that we get an alert when that mail is answered.
– Manage data Apple ID
Another great feature of iOS 8 is that it will be possible to manage Apple ID without going
into iTunes or the App Store. Now there are all the details in Settings> iCloud and see all our
data by clicking on the email with which we have recorded.
– State and battery usage
The management system of the battery has been some highlights of iOS 8, but is that this
function is a function that is not so visible and it’s very interesting. Provides data as the
percentage of expenditure for each application and those who did not use but are there in the
background using up energy. And here comes the trick, you can close them from this same
application to earn minute battery terminal. The route is General> Usage> Battery use.
– Multitasking with erasers post
It is possible that we stay halfway to write an email and have to go to the mailbox to consult
someone else who has come to us. If you keep your finger on the top of the message and slid
down the windows of the application of open mail is opened, can pass between erasers, folders,
and mailboxes.

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