Getting Your Resume Noticed With Social Media

Social media has many advantages. Although it’s great reconnecting with old friends and finding your true love, social media has expanded much farther than this. Job seekers are very fortunate in today’s society that they can now use social media to search for jobs and post their resumes. Hiring managers have noticed and in turn, they are reviewing job boards and networking sites searching for their ideal candidates.

Not only does social media give the job seeker the chance to expedite and advance their job search, but in most cases it’s absolutely free. What a great way to get your resume noticed while utilizing a free media source!

With hundreds of thousands of viewers enabled to see your resume, you want to ensure that it is flawless! There are a few things to keep in mind when posting your perfect resume online. First of all, it’s essential that your resume be in a text-only format. This means that you’ll want to save your resume as a .txt file. Once you do this, you’ll be able to open it in Notepad which will ensure a text only format. In addition, left-align all of your text to keep it simple and easy to read. Most formatting will be lost and won’t look the way you intended so keeping it simple and clear cut is the best outline to keep in mind. Since you won’t be able to bold or underline any text, try capitalizing section headings which will help keep your resume organized and clear.

Secondly, include keywords in your resume. Make sure to include as many words used in the job or company’s description that you have experience with, knowledge of or interests in. Not only is this going to grab the attention of the hiring manger, but this is what also enables them to find your resume in the first place. Large companies can receive hundreds or even thousands of job resumes each and every day. They do not have the time or the willingness to read through all of them. They are looking for their ideal candidate and they know exactly what they should like. Using keywords are for sure going to get your resume noticed either by the eye of a hiring manager or by an electronic scanning system that many companies are using today.

Finally, realize that the more places you post your resume, the more exposure it will receive. As long as you pay attention to privacy settings and are keeping your personal information secure, each site where you post will be beneficial in your job search. There are many reputable job sites that offer free resume postings, however, don’t forget about your Alma mater! Many job seekers forget or unaware that their college career offices offer alumni services, one being free postings for resumes. Many local companies will look to these college job boards to find their ideal candidates.