Ghostwriters Working With Contractors, Building Website Traffic

Simply put, contractor websites should be supported by secondary professional articles and supplementary articles posted on various webpages and sites online. These special articles both draw attention to the writers’ websites and provide sources for links. Website traffic must be built over time. Ghostwriters should certainly be considered, for several viable reasons.

You see, the problem is that most contractors (roofers, pavement experts, craftsmen, lawn care specialists, carpenters, house cleaners, landscapers, towers, plumbers, and handymen) are experts in their own professions, but hardly even adequate at web-writing, and search engine optimization. This is precisely where ghostwriters are needed.

Ghostwriters are an excellent deal for contractors in need of both website writing and secondary professional articles. A contracting professional should use his or her time doing what he or or she does most efficiently, the craft they perform best for a living. Time is valuable. Basic Economics teaches that workers should exploit their advantages, and use earned income to purchase what they cannot do effectively themselves. Leave supplemental article composition to writing professionals.

Good Online Ghostwriting, Copywriting

What constitutes a good ghostwriter for online copywriting? A quality ghostwriter must have a keen ability to understand readers and human nature. The writer must know what action is desired of the reader, what information is required to move the reader to action, how to word the material for these readers and the search engines, and precisely how to perform each of these tasks amid good copy that makes sense.

Like it or not, sensible and effective online writing is difficult for the average layman or contractor to produce. It requires a special talent and mode of thinking and communicating. The writer is a professional at copywriting, just as the contractor is an expert at his or her given trade. Think of it like this: I do writing for asphalt contractors, and asphalt contractors do paving for me. Things work best for everyone this way!

Secondary Article Subjects & Placement

The need for ghostwriters as copywriters (or vice-versa) is fairly evident. The next obvious question to be answered is, what should be written and where should it be published on the world-wide web?

The answer is simple. Professional articles and specific contracting articles should be written about the keyword subjects most-searched for by surfers and clients researching potential services and products offered by the contractor.

In plain English: If you clean houses, post pieces about various aspects if house-cleaning. If you are a roofer, offer articles relevant to roofing services you and others offer. If you are a concrete contractor, consider presenting columns about driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Much of this is common sense, no matter how complicated some SEO experts want to present it.

Once you have selected a ghostwriter, you must then determine where the pieces the writer delivers should be published online. EzineArticles (this site) is an excellent choice. It is the best place to post supplemental articles on the web. A Google search will provide other websites, and even sites that will disperse and publish your articles on other websites for you.