Great Tips for Finding the Best IT and Accounting Jobs

With unemployment in the US hovering near the 8 percent mark, finding a job is not easy. However, some sectors such as IT and accounting are bucking the trend. Figures published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment in the IT sector stands at 3.8%. In addition, IT jobs will grow by 32% through 2018. These numbers are better than the national average. On the other hand, accounting jobs will grow by 16% through 2020. If you would like to build a rewarding career in either of these fields, apply the following tips.

Be Proactive

After graduating from college or University, do not rest on your laurels and wait for employers to come calling because this is not likely to happen. Instead, take a proactive step and seek out companies that you would like to work for and admire. For starters, find out the kind of people your number one employer prefers to hire. If you have impressive IT skills, create a short video sketch of your work, it should highlight all your strong points, and send it to potential employers.

In an age when technology is driving almost every aspect of human life, networking can help you meet the right people. Do not wait until you have graduated or about to change jobs to start seeking out professionals in your career of choice. Instead, start networking at least one year before you graduate or submit a resignation letter. This will give you enough time to meet industry players and showcase your skills. Moreover, you will have ample time to find out what skills are in demand and fine-tune your expertise accordingly.

Prepare a Targeted Resume

To stay ahead of the competition, take time to prepare a targeted resume. Remember employers are not in the business of trying to find out what you can or cannot do. Your duty is to prepare a resume that paints you as a specialist in a certain field. For this to work, you have to be as specific as possible. One way to go about writing a targeted resume is to list your accomplishments and not responsibilities. Additionally, if you change jobs often, you should probably not list all the jobs that you have held in the past.

Whether you are looking for accounting jobs or IT jobs, some bit of planning is necessary. Start by putting together a targeted resume. Then, network with other professionals and seek out companies that appeal to you and would be able to utilize your skill sets fully.

 By Faith Kaltenbach