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Habits to improve productivity at work

“Habits can be either the best of servants or the worst of masters”

Although we are not aware, we all have a series of habits that we repeat almost automatically. They influence our daily lives and can make us feel a different mood or even be different people in our environment. In careertracing we will show habits to improve productivity every day.

1. Early Rising-

Not one of the most desirable actions to but a reality. One of the best habits to improve productivity is up early because it is the best way to seize the day and especially be taking energy for a moment in the day to waste all the energy in an activity. Improve productivity from early is the best option to have a day out.

2. Breakfast properly

Food is another factor influencing to improve productivity. The first meal of the day is the most important and is what will help us to have energy in the morning. It is shown that the time of day with increased workload is the morning, so we should have enough energy to face it and not enough with a simple coffee.

3. Exercise

Exercise helps release endorphins, hormones of happiness and give us that extra energy we need in the workday. In addition, during exercise only are we focused on that activity, nothing more, which helps us to disconnect. To improve productivity is also necessary to take time in the day to ourselves. The brain also needs rest and leisure time to be 100% yield.
We also recommend the following:

4. Have a controlled schedule

One of the most important habits to improve productivity is to have controlled time and our agenda. Having a planned schedule of the activities of the week. The disorder alone will generate to waste time on activities that do not require it and then we miss those if you require our time.

5. Do not leave job half

Productive people know to leave unfinished work only implies that we must resume at some other point in time to start something new. Improve productivity involves doing a good job and also be a person that leaves half tasks.

6. Reduce interruptions

Habits to improve productivity at work
Habits to improve productivity at work

Whatsapp, email, phone, Facebook … distractions that keep us from our work and that influence our level of concentration. When you are working is far better to have mobile, a temptation that can take away hours of work done and become lost in our day time. Email is a difficult issue. The best solution is dialed a certain time to check e instead of constantly checking our inbox. On the use of Facebook and other social networks while we’re working, many workers say it helps to disconnect for a moment and then retrieve work harder. But the only reality is that slows the pace of work. To improve productivity is best to stay away from distractions.

7. Leave the least important for the end

We must prioritize our work. Not all orders are equally important. Therefore, we must perform those jobs that require greater concentration and more importance for the first hour and for those minor works that are done in a more automatic way to the final hours. Improving productivity is also a way to know how to exploit our performance. The times when we have more energy for the important work and the times in which we have less energy for jobs that require lower concentration.

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