Health care during the holidays


Planning ahead can make your trips more bearable and help you avoid problems.

Ask what cover or pay your health insurance (including coverage for emergency transport) to travel abroad.
Consider travel insurance if you are going abroad.
If you do not take the kids, leave a written authorization for any treatment to anyone who is caring for them.
If you are taking medications, talk with your doctor before leaving. Bring all medications with no baggage.
If you are traveling to another country, inquire about health care before going. If you can, find out where he would go if he needed medical help.
If you are planning a long flight, plan to arrive as close as possible to the usual time to go to bed, according to the time zone to which it is flying. View: jetlag travel.
If you have a major activity scheduled, plan to arrive 2 or 3 days before so that you will have recovered from jet lag before the appointment.

Important items to bring include:

First Aid Kit
Immunization Record
Insurance ID Cards
Medical records for chronic or recent major surgery
Name and telephone number of the pharmacist and medical
Drugs that do not require a prescription you may need
Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
Consult your doctor or visit a travel clinic for 4-6 weeks before leaving for your trip. You may need to update the vaccine (or booster) before leaving.

On the way:

When traveling, know what steps need be taken to prevent various diseases and infections. This includes how to avoid mosquito bites, what foods are safe to eat, where it is safe to eat, how to drink water and other fluids and proper handwashing.

If you are visiting an area where traveler’s diarrhea is common (eg Mexico), know how to prevent and treat it.