Helix Energy Offshore Services Jobs & Careers

Helix Energy Offshore Services  Jobs & Careers

We are a global seaward vitality administrations organization that gives forte administrations to the seaward vitality industry, with an emphasis on well mediation and apply autonomy tasks. We offer types of assistance and procedures that we accept are basic to expanding creation financial matters. Our administrations spread the lifecycle of a seaward oil or gas field. Our administrations additionally incorporate subsea link entombment and seabed clearing administrations for the seaward sustainable power source segment. We offer types of assistance principally in deepwater in the Bay of Mexico, Brazil, North Ocean, Asia Pacific and West Africa districts. Our administrations are isolated into three reportable business sections: Well Mediation, Mechanical technology and Creation Offices.

Our Well Mediation section incorporates our vessels or potentially gear used to perform well intercession benefits essentially in the Bay of Mexico, Brazil, the North Ocean and West Africa. Our well intercession vessels incorporate the Q4000, the Q5000, the Q7000, the Seawell, the Well Enhancer, and two contracted monohull vessels, the Siem Helix 1 and the Siem Helix 2. Our well intercession hardware incorporates mediation riser frameworks (“IRSs”) and subsea mediation lubricators (“SILs”), some of which we give on an independent premise.

Our Mechanical technology section incorporates distantly worked vehicles (“ROVs”), diggers and a ROVDrill, which are intended to supplement well mediation administrations and seaward development to both the oil and gas and the sustainable power source markets. Our Mechanical autonomy portion likewise incorporates two mechanical technology uphold vessels under long haul sanction, the Terrific Gulch II and the Stupendous Ravine III, just as spot vessels varying, including the Ross Confections, which is under an adaptable contract understanding through August 2020.

Our Creation Offices fragment incorporates the Helix Maker I (the “HP I”), a boat formed progressively situated skimming creation vessel, the Helix Quick Reaction Framework (the “HFRS”), our possession enthusiasm for Autonomy Center, LLC (“Freedom Center point”), and our responsibility for and gas properties. The entirety of our present creation offices exercises are situated in the Bay of Mexico.

On May 29, 2019, we gained a 70% controlling enthusiasm for Subsea Advancements Gathering Restricted (“STL”), a subsea building firm situated in Aberdeen, Scotland, for $5.1 million. The holders of the staying 30% noncontrolling interest reserve the privilege to place their offers to us in June 2024. These redeemable noncontrolling interests were perceived as transitory value at their assessed reasonable estimation of $3.4 million at the securing date. In Walk 2020, we recorded a weakness misfortune to discount the altruism related with the STL obtaining. STL is remembered for our Well Intercession portion and its income and profit are unimportant to our solidified outcomes.