Helpful Hints To Get A Raise Or Promotion

Are you content with your current rate of pay? I can tell that you aren’t just because you have chosen to click on this article. Showing up to work everyday is not enough if you want to make it to the next level in your career. The following tips will put you on the right track of becoming a valuable asset to your company which should result in better compensation.

Make sure you’re always on time.

Chances are, if you’re on time you are late in the opinion of your boss. By rule of thumb you should arrive at work no later than 10 minutes prior to when your shift is scheduled to start. Not only does this allow a buffer for unexpected difficulties that may hinder your punctuality like a dead car battery or a longer than expected line at the gas pump, but it proves that you are determined to go above and beyond your expected work hours. It is an additional bonus if you are able to get to work before your boss.

Breaks should be short and taken sparingly.

You definitely don’t want to be the person that’s constantly taking breaks. Whether it be cigarette breaks or just thump twiddling, it is an unsavory attribute that is hard to get rid of. If you are employed in an office environment, two bathroom breaks and a quick lunch should constitute most of your “break time”. If your profession consists of manual labor, don’t always complain about being tired or that it’s break time. Wait for your co-workers to show signs of fatigue and take a break as a team. Once a break is taken, it should take longer than ten minutes.

It’s okay to do more than you’re asked to do.

People like to be impressed. If you’re tasked to organize the company’s bills for the year, why not come up with new colors for labels or folders for each type of bill. Create a filing system that is more efficient than the one already in place. Filing bills is a random task, I know, but you get the idea: Just meeting expectations is not enough, they should be exceeded.

indexIf you believe you have earned it, ask.

Asking for an unearned raise or promotion is certainly not a good idea, however, if you keep the tips in this article in mind there is a good chance that you will or have earned it. Bosses are busy, especially when they have several of employees under them. Sometimes you simply get overlooked as an employee. It is important to meet with your boss in his/her office to make the request more elegant than, say, discussing it in passing. Remind them of the extra work and effort you put do in a non-threatening way and simply ask them to think about a raise or promotion. Keep in mind some companies are on a budget and can only afford to give raises at certain predetermined times, so you may not get what you want right when you want it.

By Brandon Couch