Here's How You Can Make Profit With Football Cards

Do you want to earn more money just by pursuing your hobby? Vintage football cards are an easy option. With a keen eye and wise investing mind, you can also become an ace player in football cards investing.

Football cards are low-risk investment option and will continue to earn you money even after the players have long retired. But before you start your collecting your vintage cards, keep these points in mind. Here’s how you can ensure you have the right collection:

1. Always purchase the best-quality you can afford. Although cards in mint and near-mint condition might cost you a bomb when you buy them, they will also increase fastest in value.

2. Always buy from reputed sellers and auctioneers. The chances of getting a decent and true deal are much higher at such stores. You can also get to learn from the experience of the sellers and the auctioneers and know what’s in demand with the collectors.

3. Buy high-grade cards from the early 1950s. The older a card, the higher is it value. Cards that have been printed in 1950s and 60s are much more valuable than the ones printed post 1980, as this period saw over-production of football and other sports trading cards. You can choose from a number of old cards; however, it’s hard to beat the 1952 Topps or T206 football cards.

4. Do your homework before you buy. You might make an unwise decision if you buy in a hurry and without doing any research. This is especially important if you are new in the business of collecting. You’ll make an informed decision this way and would not be throwing your money around while waiting to get the best deal. Research properly the cards that you want to buy, study their market trend, and finally find a cheap but reliable store to buy from.

5. Buy only graded cards. If you are unsure whether the vintage cards that you want to buy are authentic or not, look for the graded cards. Authenticating experts, at agencies such as Beckett, grade the cards on the basis of their condition on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Although they are a little expensive, by paying a little extra, you can ensure that the merchandise you get is real.

6. Get complete sets. Complete your sets if you buy individual cards. Grouping cards in categories can fetch you a much higher value.foot ball


7. Be aware of the risks. Like any investment option, sports memorabilia is also not a risk-free venture. However, you can minimize the risk and make a worthy decision by focusing on the quality, rarity, and authenticity of the cards you buy.

By Steven C Davis