Hiring good employees: Ten simple rules

Hiring good employees: Ten simple rules

1. Recognize the best candidates

The first rule is clear, but it is contrary to intuition: never, ever hire someone like you . Why not? Because from the beginning of time executives have been cloned to themselves unconsciously, filling the shelves of young people from the best universities.

What has happened to executives and companies that have done that? As indicated in business management guru Rosabeth Kanter, often sink into the soft sands of meaninglessness when hard water current actually invade Here are the other nine:

2. Hire attitude depending instead on the ability

Teaching skills is nothing compared to convey the right attitude. Among the qualities of the candidate’s what to look for is a strong sense of optimism.

3. Locate the Renegades/Traitor

In interviews ask for times when you have had problems at work. The obedient employee will be of limited use in this environment of change.

4. Provide results

Never hire someone with good potential but questionable habits, thinking you can change that person. As to choose your friends, what you see now is what will forever.

5. Go for someone with a good sense of humor

The candidate who can not laugh easily, especially himself, will probably be boring and uncompromising.

6. Fill in the blanks

Look carefully strengths and skills that are missing on your computer and go for the qualities and styles that you lack.

7. Try

Do not be satisfied only with references. Remember that many of the most striking references have been provided for people others do not want. Include daily simulations as part of your interview process, or invite applicants to provide him with a portfolio of their best work and ideas.

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8. Fill the pantry

Be aware of possible candidates before the need arises. Do not wait until you have a vacancy. Keep a pool of potential employees under the watchful eye of someone in charge of hiring. Evaluate your recruiting team in terms of how well maintained the pantry. And tell them never to turn away an interesting candidate with the phrase, “We have no vacancies right now.”

9. Make more emphasis on diversity

Make sure your network is spreading enough to find these fish in power, they are different and do not swim in waters near you. Ask your HR team which contacts and publications are using to search the interest of potential candidates. “We do not know where to find people different from us” is an excuse that can get expensive.

10. Listen

Most interviewers talk too much. When you finally get the candidate, listen to the story of his life, at home and at work. It is said to be a psychiatrist is like being a leader without a license. This may be true in the hiring process than in any other part of the job. The job of recruiting is too serious to completely transfer it to HR. His legacy will be established, after all, by the teams you choose to achieve their goals.