Homemade hair mask to repair

Commercial shampoos, sun, cold, dehydration, chlorine, sea, etc. can damage both the hair and scalp, leaving lifeless, dry, dull, with split ends, producing excess sebum, etc.

This home remedy will help you have a hair luster and life, and to restore the health of the scalp.

But I also encourage you to make your own homemade shampoo to protect your hair.
Ingredients for the mask :

Olive oil, apricot, sweet amendras, argan or jojoba, and rosemary , sage , chamomile , rose petals or flowers of mullein .

To infuse oil you only have to fill a clean glass jar with 3/4 of the chosen herb (mach√°cala a bit with a mortar previously) and add oil until the plant chosen is completely covered by the oil. Leave in a sunny area (no direct sun) for 2 weeks. Remember to move the jar every day. 2 weeks elapsed strained and packaged in a frosted glass jar. And you are ready to use.

The infused oil absorbs the medicinal properties of plants. You can also use it for massage, make creams, etc.
For fine hair : opt for oil infused rose petals in sweet oil, apricot almond or olive oil.

For (natural or dyed) dark hair : use oil infused with rosemary or sage. You can use olive oil, apricot or sweet almond.

For blonde hair (dyed or natural) : use chamomile infused oil or mullein. The oil can be sweet almond, apricot, argan, olive, etc.

For very dry, damaged hair or dandruff : use jojoba oil infused in the corresponding plants as hair color
How to apply the homemade mask :

With dry hair first few minutes with oil massage the scalp and then cover it to tip. Gather hair into a bun and put a shower cap or do a “helmet” with a bag or plastic wrap to cover hair well, then we will put a warm towel and leave for about two hours.

To remove first rinsed with warm water and then apply the shampoo.

This treatment can be repeated as many times as necessary to repair your hair, and then, with repeat 1 or 2 times a month is enough.

The infused oil you prepare hard you up to 1 year.