How Do You Increase Your Employment Chances?

The manner in which we can improve our employment chances is in improving ourselves first. When it comes to the aspect of how others see us, the first and foremost element is to ask, how do we see ourselves? What is our self-concept? How strong is our self-esteem? How accurate is our self-awareness? What is the distinction of these three words and how can I use them to strengthen my position in life? Can I use them to improve my situation and strengthen my chances in a job interview? Can a better understanding of each improve who I am and how I come across to others? Can these elements improve my life? In addition, as most companies and corporations market themselves through a variety and expansive mediums. Can the individual use the same approach to market themselves? Can the individual create a brand for themselves, or perhaps re-brand themselves in a new light? Does branding or re-branding of ourselves guarantee success? These questions have probably been asked over and over again by many individuals that were contemplating their own situation and wondering what they could do to elevate their chances at life in general, but probably more in line with their financial perspective, especially in the light of employment Perhaps an interview is upcoming or a promotion at their present job has just opened up and they desire to rise from their present position and situation and have greater success in life. Most of the answers to the preceding questions are of course affirmative. There are many approaches to improvements to our self-concept and self-esteem. We will look at one particular approach that any individual can apply to their own situation and hopefully they can place themselves in a position for advancement and improvement. But, there are no guarantees in life. Sometimes it’s just who you know, sad to say but this aspect is part of our lives. Our job is to circumvent those particular elements and allow ourselves the best possible opportunities for our own success.                                                                            

Let’s look at the element of self-concept. states that self-concept is “the idea or mental image one has of oneself and one’s strengths, weaknesses, status, etc.; self-image”.

So what are our strengths and weaknesses? How can we truly know our own weaknesses or strengths? One key element for us to truly know ourselves is communication. How can that be? Well, we must learn to communicate with those around us; our family, friends, even co-workers. In what aspect must we communicate with those around us? I’m glad you asked that question. The manner in which we must communicate with those that are around us is perhaps not the most pleasant of conversations we might have. First of all we have to find those that will be brutally honest with us. We don’t need any yes-men or yes-women. We need someone to tell us the truth. We should probably ask at least two people versus just one. What do we ask? We ask them to tell us how they see us. How do we come across to them and when we interact with others, how have they seen us? Are we as cool as we think we are? Are we as funny as we see ourselves in our own minds? Do we come across as pretentious or humble? Do they see us as selfish or giving? Are we seen as really harsh, when we thought we were just being firm? Are we seen as pushovers, when we thought we were just being kind and considerate? What is their image of us and does that image line up with our own? If we compare their view with another close person, do those views line up with each other? These are not easy questions to ask. This will not be the most pleasant event of our lives, but, it will be one of the most fruitful, if we are willing to listen and be open-minded to the answers we will receive.

After we finish swallowing our pride and after the tears have been washed away and we get past our hurt feelings, we can now move on to the next step. If we truly want to improve ourselves then we will deeply appreciate those that gave us this honest and sincere feedback. We will begin a journey of self-awareness and self-realization and see improvement to our self-concept.

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By Alvaro Salinas