How to answer job interview successfully

The interviewers are not trying to torture you for fun. They use hard questions to learn things in particular. It is to know as deeply as quickly as possible and make a decision. Here is a summary of ideas for you base them on your next job interview .

Be positive to give your reasoning as to why you want to quit your job today. (Or why you left previous). The key word to remember is MAS. Want more responsibility, more challenges, opportunities Mas and if you want MORE money, DO NOT SAY.

    • If you were fired for downsizing ask your ex-boss to make you a letter of recommendation , by lying all possible flowers. If you were fired for differences in character and is not a good idea to talk to your ex-boss, explains the situation emphasizes what you learned from the experience, know as positive as you can, and do not enter passions. Do not want to be labeled in conflict.   see career advice
    • Never badmouth your previous bosses. Although the interviewer put angel face and tell me do you hear, you can trust me, tell me? No rants, criticizing half of humanity. I remember that the interviewer is not your psychoanalyst, and you will not gain sympathy by telling your intimacies and conflicts, on the contrary.
    • Command your answers to the interviewer think your vacancy is within your short term goals. Just try to sound sincere, not too barber. Do not be with attitude without you, I die.
    • Be honest, but remember that you should emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws. If you have to talk about negative experiences, points out what you learned from them and why you will not make the same mistakes again. Concentrate that way you learned from your mistakes, using examples of how you’ve changed as a result of these.
    • Use situations work in such specific questions. If you feel that the interview is becoming abstract gives concrete answers to return to the interviewer to this planet. Give specific examples from your past experience. Do not say you’re organized, explains more about how you organized a complex project from start to finish.
    • Watch your words. Make sure you’re answering questions, and not diverting the interview on your own disadvantage. Example: Say you’re looking for more challenges instead of saying that the boss did not give you enough work.
    • Adjust your answers to the position you are seeking. Learn as much as possible of the vacancy for which you are applying, before going to the interview. So when you talk about your own achievements, skills and experience, say in terms of the requirements of that job, and goals of the Company.
    • Do not exaggerate. Your achievements and responsibilities should speak for themselves. If you feel you missed opportunity to do something meaningful in the past because I say so. If you modified the truth, there are many ways in which an astute interviewer can give you away. Do not learn the bad, it can cost you the job .
    • Do not look desperate, even though you have work . Concentrate on expressing your genuine interest and enthusiasm for work opportunities in the prospectus, as more responsibility, more knowledge and even more money.
    • Avoid negativity. You do not want the interviewer to associate you with anything negative, no words or feelings.
    • Make the best of your current position. You must create the impression that you are a good worker who tries to make the best of any situation. And again emphasizes, that you try not to look too desperate. For desperate interviewers is = a cheap.
    • Investigate all you can about the company and its goals, and how the vacancy contributes to meeting the goals of the firm.
    • Shows experience and confidence in yourself. Gives good answers and giving concrete examples relevant to the job you’re looking for.
    • Be humble: It seems you have enough skill to succeed as they arise opportunities. But avoid giving the impression that you are a workaholic ready to succeed no matter at what cost or who.
    • Show your professional achievements with a satisfying personal life. Many people think that candidates who only talk about work , have the best chance of getting the job . But there is always you? there after 5 PM. And the interviewers want to know that person well.
    • The guide to answer personal questions is the same as for answers concerning the work . Be positive. Let the interviewer know the best aspects of your personality. Just be careful not to talk too much, lest under the spell of the interview has gone great, you feel comfortable and happy talking about the antics of your children and have poor sunny interviewer.

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  • Emphasizes the characteristics that companies are always looking for: Enthusiasm, self-assurance, energy, responsible and honest. Da answers that reflect these characteristics. If you had a company who contratarías, someone to solve problems, enthusiastic, hardworking and meeting objectives.
  • Faced with a difficult question is perfectly valid to take your time to think before answering the first thing that comes to your mind, so it will not seem that hot but decide you evaluate your decisions well.
  • Admit that you have much to learn from the company and the particular position, this approach is more effective to put yourself as infallible Smarty.
    For recent graduates.
  • Do not be afraid to admit that there are things you do not know, and when you need help make sure the interviewer know you’re going to ask. No one expects a graduate of 22 years all the know of all, so if you’re 22 and you know them all all, do not tell.
  • Admit that you do not have all the answers. Answer the questions by saying Me think ..?  according to what I know about the industry?
  • If you took some time to decide your direction I admit it. Not everyone has all the answers at the age of 18 or 19 is when you have to decide the course of your professional life. Just shows how for your studies and your extracurricular activities are the best candidate for the vacancy you are applying for.
  • With these tips, to apply for a job interview I assure you that your performance will be very favorable. I wish you luck.