Constipation during pregnancy
Constipation is common during pregnancy and is mainly due to the compression of the uterus growth in the gut. It is also influenced by other factors, such as hormonal changes in pregnancy and ingestion of oral iron supplements (medication to prevent anemia).

Role of fiber in getting rid of constipation:
To avoid constipation is very important to eat a varied diet, rich in fiber. Furthermore the

fiber has other functions of nutritional importance decreasing fat absorption and to increase

satiety. Therefore are also indicated in people with high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Which foods contain fiber?
The fiber found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It is important to eat these foods

every day, and the incorporation of the same should be gradual and that can potentially cause

bloating, flatulence and cramps from lack of habituation why for implementation within their

diet is advisable to consult with your nutritionist.

Does taking plenty of water helps to prevent or treat constipation?
Water is one of the most important to normalize the intestinal transit stimuli. It is advisable

to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and one in each of the meals. To prevent gas and

bloating, it is preferable to avoid the gas bulb and herbal tea or drinks with straw.

Foods to avoid constipation:
It is ideal to consume at least one serving of vegetables and fruits daily.

To increase the consumption of vegetables, you can choose from the following preparations:
• Fresh and varied salad
• Warm salad with cooked vegetables
• Plant scrambled
• Vegetable or soufflé puddings
• Homemade soups vegetables
• Mashed orange or green vegetables
• Stuffed Vegetables
• Vegetable Tarts
• Serve pasta with vegetable sauces.

To increase consumption of fruits, you can choose these options:
• Fresh fruits thoroughly washed with or without the skin.
• Fruit salads
• Baked Fruit
• Fruits in syrup
• Fruit Smoothies
• Jams of fresh fruits like apple or pear
• Mixture of dried fruits such as plums, apricots and peaches

To increase consumption of whole grains, it is advisable to consume:
• Breads and bran or whole grain crackers.
• Sticks grains.
• Grain flours in cakes and pastries.
• Wheat bran and oats can be included with the milk, yogurt, smoothies, and soups.

To increase your fluid intake, it is advised to consume:
• A glass of water with each meal.
• Juice and fruit smoothies’ snacks.
• Stewed fruit juices between meals or with meals.
• Mate tea infusions all the time.
• Drinkable yogurt for breakfast and lunch or snacks.

It is always handy to have on hand in the refrigerator stewed apple, pear, peach or plum. It is

important to remember that fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed or peeled to

prevent intoxication and is not advisable to consume raw fruits or vegetables in restaurants.

They must also not forget that there is other key cover daily during pregnancy nutrients are

iron, protein and calcium, so it is necessary to consume foods rich in these nutrients such as

meat, eggs, milk and derivatives with food High fiber mentioned above.