How to combat dandruff

Dandruff can be much more than a cosmetic problem. If you want to fight dandruff and look an immaculate mane and shoulders, we help you achieve this with the following tips.

But first, let’s see what kind of dandruff suffer to find the best solution.

Types of dandruff

Who has not ever had dandruff? The strange would answer no to this question. Dandruff occurs cell renewal scalp activity intensifies in winter, so it is more common to detect white flakes in the hair or on the shoulders at certain times. However, it can become a problem when their occurrence is common or abundant amount because beyond unsightly, could be indicative of some disease , such as dermatitis.

There are two types of dandruff. On one side is dry dandruff , which is the most common and that relates to the natural process of skin renewal. The scales are thin and white (also gray) and after brushing off easily or naturally. It is also identified with a dry, dull and rough.

On the other hand, is seborrheic dandruff , dermatitis indicator. Occurs due to a hyperseborrhoea, ie an increase of sebum production of the scalp. The hair is characterized by bright and lubricated. Dandruff is in the form of thick yellow flakes and more adherents, making it more difficult to remove with a simple brushing. Furthermore, in some cases, this type of dandruff is also associated with alopecia.