How to communicate with your boss

How to communicate with your boss
The heads appreciate it when their employees effectively communicate ideas, innovations and new ways of achieving the objectives.

Anyone who wants to advance their work will create opportunities for developing this skill, here are some tips on how addressed to his boss ?

Prepare for scheduled meetings:

anticipate the questions that will be asked and make sure you can answer them. Move in all possible scenarios mentally. If you have documents that his boss could refer bring them with you .. ?

Take a moment to think before speaking:

make sure what is going to say, think about the attitude and emotions you want to express consider your body language to give forces your message or your point of view. ?

Be concise in answering the questions:

answer directly and bluntly, if your boss needs it extends it will request it. ?

Be direct when the situation demands it:

say what you think clearly. Be polite but categorical. Do not disguise their message behind phrases that blur or soften its impact. ?

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Look for a positive response taking into account the perspective of the head:

this is useful if you find objections to their proposals. Thus, before a rebuttal occurs, you can be the one to propose, then systematically and objectively refute, expressing quiet and fairly without becoming defensive position. ?

Make sure you have all the information before making a statement:

if you do not is prepared for a specific question, it is better to postpone the discussion while gathering accurate and complete information. ?

Choose the right to talk to your boss when:

a quick update is welcome at any time, but avoid very long or complex arguments when her boss this busy, has one foot out the door or is leaving for a business trip three days. Save your discussion when the boss is less distracted and can concentrate on what you are going to propose to him.