Sell ​​ideas is not easy, unlike a product, an idea can feel, smell or measure, no. The sales force of his ideas is his ability to persuade its advantages, benefits and feasibility.

The crux of the whole process of change is the point at which their proposals will be evaluated by people with authority and discretion. His ideas not only in terms of objective criteria for assessing the operational, technical and economic feasibility, but also the control of diverse interests and visions and approaches of their own. Never mind that these concerns are legitimate or not, or if the approaches are relevant or not, will be present and can not be ignored.

This is the moment you test your skills of persuasion and negotiation. Be very careful and unprepared is exaggerated. After several years of dealing with these situations, I learned some things that have helped me to successfully meet this challenge.

1. Prior checking:

Right now you are the least suitable person to judge your proposal. You will be delighted with your ideas and this can cloud your ability to discern. Submit your proposal to a group of friends and ask them to make a critical analysis. Instead of arguing with them, ask them for their views and consider carefully. A little humility will save embarrassment later. Weaknesses work and prepare to answer questions about them.

2. Hearing:

Meet the people who decide on its proposal, concerns, values ​​and language. Who are the key decision-making, who can expect to defend their ideas, what are the main opponents. You can express the benefits of your idea in the language of these people.

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3. Empathy:

Put yourself in the shoes of each of these people to understand how they understand the situation, you will be affected by the changes. This is not to agree with everyone, but to understand why and how to react. With this knowledge, you can manage your objections and concerns in a sincere, friendly and loyal. Be firm in defense of their ideas, but do not overlook the concerns of those who disagree with you. If victory, need the support of everyone in the implementation of their ideas.

4. Credibility:

During his presentation, people were asked about their knowledge of the subject and the veracity of his statements and data. You could hear courteously, but only if they act. Some tips to ensure its credibility:

  1. Be careful not to assume firmly believe in me.
  2. Carefully review your data and information sources.
  3. Tell the truth, even if it hurts, but use all his touch.
  4. No other endeavor if you fail the credibility point of listeners. As the proverb says: Who wants to try much, proves nothing.
  5. Point out the deficiencies and this will make everything else becomes more credible

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