How to create an attractive profile on LinkedIn?

Getting a job and increasing your professional portfolio through social networks is a reality. LinkedIn is perhaps the most pervasive and powerful professional network.

Here, first aid for health offer 5 tips to get your LinkedIn profile, in addition to bright, attractive stand out:

1. SEO is also present in LinkedIn

Using keywords in your profile is more than justified: this allows recruiters to locate you more easily.

Determine which keywords that describe you and try to use them in the title of your profile in the extended description and your work experience are.

LinkedIn 2. Be who you really are

It is important that you take advantage of the available space on LinkedIn to better know how to sell. Use the description and to extract maximum detail your skills and virtues. But do not lie, and stick to reality.

If you are going to link your profile with the different social networks, see that these same image you project that you are giving to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Do not just list your achievements and job

Avoid at all costs the bland and insipid list of jobs and achievements. The employers want to know you, and you must give them information. It details how gracefully you get a particular job, what it developable.

On the other hand, a large network, say a lot about you. Especially if you’ve worked with them. Try to collect recommendations from both colleagues and former bosses.

4. Your profile picture speaks for you

Photograph of a profile is not a trivial issue. A picture is worth a thousand words, so take care that this will represent. It’s not just a matter of appearing beautiful or handsome in the photo, but this transmit your values: safety, trust, professionalism, etc.

5. Make more attractive link to your profile

Everything LinkedIn profile is assigned a public bond default is a sequence of letters and symbols. This URL is fully customizable, and it is advisable to use your full name. In this way, you reinforce your personal branding.