How to detect lies in the curriculum vitae – resume

lies in the curriculum vitae
lies in the curriculum vitae

How to detect lies in the curriculum vitae – resume

One lie is enough to question all truths. One of the drawbacks of hiring a person, is whether this is telling the truth about your work history. How do I find out? Usually, the lies of those who apply tend to be common. Below are the most used:

Studies have not been performed. They are easy to discover lies because you can order diploma courses also contact the study center.

Work experience unrealized. These lies are easy to spot, since it suffices to contact the company, which is not usually done on many occasions. It is important to ask for a contact number of the company and check it fixed in official telephone, because many times the phone contact is a friend.

 Lying in handling languages. Another of the most common lies in the curriculum vitae, which can be solved simply by language tests if a question as you need, or a small test of knowledge.

Exaggerate on issues related to the curriculum. For example, exaggerate the knowledge gained, the functions performed, the position is obtained, the valuation company having him say that was the right hand of the head, etc.

For these and many other lies, there are several ways to detect them in the resume, although many companies actually end up not verify the data of people who will hire or persons interviewed either for lack of time or overconfidence in it they say is true.

To detect lies just having a bit of eye and observation skills . Many people are nervous or have tic when they lie, so asking the same information in the curriculum and can detect some lies.

There are strategic questions that can detect lies like: ask a person who claims to have worked 17 years in a company, what was the date of your incorporation into this company? Many workers lie unprepared for questions that can bring down his lie, others fall into inconsistencies in relating the information or just being too sincere or people who hide important data.

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