How To Double Your Medical Job Salary – The Top Tips You Need To Succeed!

There are top tips that once you discover them have the ability to increase your medical jobs career salary by as much as double and in some very rare cases even triple what you were making before you implemented them.

They are truly easy and the final Number one tip is so amazing that it alone can double or triple your salary all on its own.

It doesn’t matter whether you have years of medical career experience, none at all or are just beginning your training towards your career these tips will be unbelievably valuable to you.

Your first two tips are not in order of which might be most beneficial to you. The third tip however is by far and away the top tip.

Tip Number One:

Get into a specialty private practice. This means that you would constantly keep your eyes open for an opportunity at a specialty private practice.

When interviewing headhunters for upper end Nursing staff (as an example) we found that those employed in private specialty facilities such as private cancer treatment or private high end rehabilitation centers made in some cases twice as much as their mass market counterparts.

The other amazing benefit to this career choice is that these Nurses reported that their overall job satisfaction and workplace enjoyment was much higher in their new positions. This was not surprising as they also tended to work less total hours and had a massive increase in pay.

How do you land one of these coveted positions? Easy, you keep working at your normal job and look for openings and you network with the facilities you would like to work with.

Setting an appointment to give them your resume and tell them why you would like to work at THEIR center can work magic when they have an opening and remember you from your desire to be a part of their team.

Tip Number Two:

Get into a specialty. Again if we use the example of nursing a regular RN can typically make $60K plus per annum. But an Nurse Anesthetist can earn over $150K per year.

As you can see that one tip alone can nearly triple your salary. In the medical field there are hundreds of specialties that you could go into as a Dentist, Physical Therapist, Surgeon or of course as our example a nurse.

Following the nurse theme; you could be a flight nurse and also have the benefit of travel or you could become a neonatal nurse.

Below are just a few examples of typical specialty medical earnings:

Diagnostic Radiologist: Typical annual salary $263,000*

Urologist: Typical annual salary $245,000*

Orthopedic Surgeon: Typical annual salary $323,000*

*The above numbers based on online published headhunter offers.

How can you get into a specialty career and or transition from where you are now to one of the top earning fields?

Without knowing your exact situation here are a few possible suggestions.

1. If you have not yet begun your studies work with a career councilor to determine how you could structure your time and finances to accomplish this goal. They are a typically a wealth of information.

2. If you already have your medical degree and are currently employed in your field you have two really good options. A). speak to the headhunters that do job placements, speak to the upper management to see of their are programs or funding available.

B). Also believe it or not speak with career councilors to see if they have any programs available. Many times they only see pre work and pre education inquiries. Many have access to post education or continuing education programs but they never get asked about them.

TIP NUMBER THREE: This is by far and away the top tip and has the possibility of easily doubling or tripling your lifetime medical career salary all on its own with an amazing amount of reliability.

By Patrick William Shelley